ICON 1 - Page 64

The Brands I will be comparing are the designer brand Chanel, and the high street retailer TOPSHOP. Chanel is a high-end brand that is worth 1.5 billion dollars. They have stand alone stores in London, and many concessions in stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, and airports. TOPSHOP is a multinational British retailer, which provides fast fashion that is on trend. Chanel and Topshop target their audience in different ways. In TOPSHOP the use of social media is more frequently used due to their target audience being part of the younger generation, everything is revolved around social media, that is why TOPSHOP have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest they even have a blog to keep their audience regularly updated. Chanel also do have social media accounts including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIN to keep their target audience updated, however it isn't used as frequently. Chanel is a very established brand that has been around for a long time, I feel this is why they don't need to advertise as widely.

TOPSHOP uses the idea that shopping is entertainment. Their flagship store has its own video wall, nail bar, eyebrow place, hairdressers, piercing place, and restaurants. This is a good form of advertising because people can visit TOPSHOP for a whole day event, this would urge the buyer to spend more, due to them spending many hours there. The target audience of Chanel urge on the side of the affluent buyer. People won't spend many hours there, however in general the price of an item bought in Chanel would total a day spent in TOPSHOP. Someone who goes out to buy Chanel tends to go to the shop because there are many fakes online so it is important that they buy the real deal. They are a luxury goods retailer, so it is an event when you go to buy an expensive product.