ICON 1 - Page 59

This advert idealises the idea of drugs, however its deeper meaning is that fashion is addictive, especially in younger generations wanting to look cool. Sisley is focused towards the younger generations, which could highlight the use of younger looking models. Drugs hold illegal connotations, the use of snorting drugs implies that this brand is rebellious yet provocative due to the slipping of the dress. Therefore it is representative of the rebellious nature of the clothes, that seemed to be aimed towards partying.


We decided to choose this brand because we found it most interesting out of the ones we saw. Tom Ford himself is a very interesting character so it was interesting to explore the depths of his campaigns. We noticed when researching that a lot of the sexual campaigns were shot by Terry Richardson, and it became a bit of a theme. Therefore this inspired us to look more into Terry Richardson, we realised that he is very popular in a weird way. I find that a lot of his campaigns are recognisable especially his white background portraits.