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This was the starting point of his advertisement theme. In 2006 he launched his own label: 'Tom Ford'. In 2007 he came out with his first fragrance, which caused controversy. The first shot of the fragrance was originally shot by 'Marilyn Minter' , but while Tom Ford and Terry Richardson were in Milan, it was decided that a sharper more graphic approach communicated the bold and provocative mood of the fragrance. The campaign was released in 2007 in Men's magazines including GQ, and Wallpaper, but it was banned due to the explicit content of the images.

It suggest that if the fragrance is worn you will be sexy. It portrays the message that sex sells, and brings the connotations that if you wear the aftershave you will get femael attention, this could highlight the bold smell of the fragrance. The fragrance clearly emphasises that it is 'FOR MEN' due to a women being exposed, however this could be seen as homosexual, because not all men are attracted to women.

However a quote from Tom Ford says:

This highlights that he isn't trying to be homosexual but rather conforming to cultural norms. Many of the banned advertisements were shot by the same photographer: Terry Richardson,