ICON 1 - Page 21


Diesel is an urban brand with a fun twist, who believe you send a message when wearing their brand. Their target audience is the younger generation, who are edgy and cool. Their key phrase is 'For Successful Living', which highlights why many of their clothes are 'young fun work wear'. It emphasises that the people who wear the brand are living succesfully, and happy. Their clothes are meant to make the wearer feel 'different and provocative'. I think there shop is located in Carnaby street, because it focuses on the younger generation, which Carnaby Street revolves around, and emphasises. It also focuses on sub-cultures, and Diesel show that their target market focuses towards a 'rebel' theme, therefore these types of clothes may not be found in mainstream high street brands They are also a brand that is out there in terms of their overall image. Most of their advertisement campaigns are different, and have weird aspects to them with underlying meaning. For example the bottom advert on the right, has the caption 'Portraits for succesfull living' , however he is trapped by his foot, which would suggest he has done something wrong, this therefore contradicts the idea of being 'successful'.