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Cheap Monday is an everyday brand with an edgy twist. Some areas suggest a grunge theme, especially in certain ad campaigns. The basic colour theme of the brand is black, grey, white and navy. This shop is located on Carnaby Street, because although it is popular it focuses itself more on certain sub- cultures. it also doesn't have large amounts of different items, Its most popular garments are jeans with them varying shape, size, and colour. I think it is found on Carnaby Street because it is an edgy brand, which really suits the theme of Carnaby Street that has so much history. Also Cheap Monday, although contradicting to the word cheap, it can be more expensive than your basic jeans that can be bought for £30. The cheapest jeans are £49, which aren't too bad, however there are other shops that offer a wider variety for cheaper options. Therefore this brand is for popular who go out to buy Cheap Monday clothing.