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Department stores are large store that stock many varieties of good in separate departments. They also contain concessions of different brands. They are located in prime locations that are very popular, such as Oxford street, also main attraction areas suh as shopping centres, some also have online retail, so most department store cover all forms of retail. The Customer service is very organised because they have many different staff for different sections of the department stores, and they also offer different services such as personal shopping. Due to the largeness of the store they also will have desk located on different floors and sections. A variety of customers use the store, ranging from children to elderly people. The offer various products including Menswear, Womenswear, Children's wear, Shoes, Accessories, Beauty, Toys, Electronics, Homeware, Flowers, Books, Luggage, Food, and even Jewellery. Many types of staff go into running a department store some examples are a Manager, Personal shopper, Visual Merchandiser, and Retail Sales.


Public Place retailer's are a retail space that is accessible to the public. They are not limited to one store, and include many stores or either restaurants. There are different types of shops within, which aren't placed in the same category, therefore there are many different types of products this is imporant because it will attract a larger audience of people. Some examples are Duty Free at Airports, Train stations, and Musuem shops. For example the services on offer at an airport include fifteen minute menus, spa treatments, makeovers, fast and convenient shopping, shopping which allows you to reserve goods, and also personal shopping. This type of retailer is located in very busy places, such as an airport. The price of goods really depends on what is bought, because there is so much on offer, you can buy some sweets which are relatively cheap, or a perfume from a high end brand, which can cost a lot more. Customer service in Duty Free can be very efficient, because it is a large collection of different stores. For example in the makeup department there will be an employees working at each brand.