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Not for profit retailers do not make profit from their sales. Instead the sales go to a charity. Some examples are Oxfam and Cancer research UK. The perception of these types of retailers have changed from previous years, the quality of items has increased massively. For example the British Red Cross Charity store on Kings road were selling Jimmy Choos second hand, as well as brand new Zara jeans for £5. Charity shops are found in various locations, especially places where it will be noticed. They will be found in local high streets, some in-town shopping centres, even villages or small communities. The standard of quality of the products depends on the location. For example one in a small village will be different from one near oxford street. They offer various things including Clothing for Men, Women and children, DVD's and CDS, books, and various items. The price of charities shops are a lot cheaper than any other store, because the items are second hand, so they can't be sold for much. Most Charity Shops have window displays to how the potential customer what types of good are on offer.


Online stores provide the option of purchasing items from online retailers instead of a shop/store. Online Stores are important for international purposes because they provide more profit. The location of the store is found on the World Wide web with a 'WWW.' address. Customer service for online stores can be helped with enquiries by email, instant messaging services and filtering service to meet the customer needs. However some shops don't have the instant messaging service available, therefore the customer service response could be quite time consuming. However some of the questions that may arise while shopping, such as asking whether something is in stock are answered because the technology used in the website enables them to update the website when something is out of stock. Online stores don't have a particular type of customer or target audience, because there are various type of online stores. Online stores offer various types of products depending on the store type, for example Amazon sells items from clothes to electronics, toys to folders. The staff of the online store will be located in a head office, and be in control of the website.

Online website don't have physical virtual displays, however the website content will be changed frequently to advertise new products.