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In this article I am going to be evaluating the Joomag process, and be speaking about what I did well, what could have been done better. and what I would choose to do differently if I would have completed the project again.

Overall I felt that the use of Joomag was done well and organised. At first I was confused because I found that we had a lot to do, and were using programmes that I had never used before. However because at the beginning I used it often and practiced it got easier, but definitely over time. It was hard getting used to all the tools, because they are different from Word, and Powerpoint. I kept on creating multiple text boxes all over my page for no reason, and also grouped the text boxes together by accident so when I tried to move something everything moved with it. These things bothered me the most, however eventually I understood it. I felt that when we were given Primary research to do my group and I did this well because it helped us understand places more. At first I was behind because I was spending far too long on making sure my sketchbook looked pretty, eventually I realised that i didn't need to and it was more important to have the information.

The things I did well were being able to understand the information and write it in my own way. To improve my mistakes in Joomag, and from the beginning improve how long I spent on things so that I was able to complete more. I chose relevant images for my Joomag, and did research so that I could try to set it out how an actual magazine looks. I enjoyed looking into different aspects of fashion Retail and presenting it in a creative way.

The things i could have done better are being more on top of my smart targets, because my time seemed to run away with me and i was behind with them often. I could have also presented some more pages in my Joomag that looked more similar, and had more of a constant theme, however I did try and include a constant header at the bottom to show page identity. I couLd have been more on time with some of my work such as my Classification of Retailers, I tried to do this work at home, but realised that I could only access Key Note on the School wifi, therefore this delayed my work. Some pages I don't feel fit the theme of a magazine so I could have made sure that they had more of a theme, however I felt i didn't have time for it..

If i were to complete the project again I would have started very early on getting the hang of Joo Mag. I felt i was able to complete the work given in class, but instead of just leaving it I should have put it in my Joo Mag, because although the research was done I found i Spent a lot of time focusing on the detail of it looking nice. I would have also aimed to get my era pages completed earlier on so i had more time to add more of the things that i chose to include, and not just what we were meant to. Although i did research magazine themes at the beginning it would have been better to decide on an overall theme, because i would have spent less time of decoration and ways of presenting.

I planned effectively to meet the deadline by ensuring that all work we were given was completed as soon as possible and to enough detail. I ensured that my sketchbook was updated often with more information. I did explore Joo Mag to familiarise myself, however not early enough. I read the brief and understood what we needed to include. In every lesson i kept a list of all the things i needed to do by next week, and then ticket them off as soon as i did it.

Holly Brister

Editor in Chief