ICON 1 - Page 103

How effective the solutions will be to solve the stated issues.

What problems do you see with this style?

At the front of the garment where the buttons are, there is a tear in the fabric. This is because the material of the garment is more stretchy than the stitching so the movement of the garment has caused a tear and the fabric has come away from the seams making it fray. This can be improved by increasing the seam allowance even if the fabric does pull the larger seam allowance will stop it from breaking away from the threading. Also the sewing may not b that strong so it could be improved by including larger stitches. The buttons that are used are quite flimsy, these could be replaced with better quality ones.

The overall problems with the garment are the tear on the centre front of the navy blue blousde, however during bulk production some problems could occur due to the intricacy of the garment. Angles are key and thats why i feel it would be better to level off the length of the shirt to be the same, I feel an equal length creates a more structured formal shirt with an easier way of making it. The tear in the shirt could be sorted by using a more elastic thread, however i feel the better alternative is to increase the seam allowance so that any stretch of the fabric will not affect the overall look of the shirt, and also if the fabric does fray it will not be noticeable because of the bigger seam allowance. The tear could have been also caused by someone wearing the shirt who is too big.