ICON 1 - Page 102


This style could be made simpler by removing the pocket so that the shirt is simply plain, however the pocket could be used, therefore this would remove a useful element to the garment. There are two sections to the top and bottom half of the shirt, this could be made so that all fabrics; back and front are levelled off, therefore less sewing would be done, which reduces the risk of any complications during bulk production. This change does remove detail that some may like, however there is no reason for it to be there other than for decoration purposes. There is a slit in the shirt at the bottom where the back is longer than the front, however the two sections don't make any difference to this. On both sides of the sleeves there are ties to gather them sleeves, which creates a ruffled effect. To make the style even simpler you could remove this, which would make the shirt less shapely and loose fitting.

How could you make this Style Simpler?

What do you see as the major issues for production with the style?

When producing this piece it is important to focus on angles when sewing the extra piece of material to the front of the garment. The polyester fabric is very flimsy, I previously have worked with this fabric before when making a skirt and found it difficult to keep it in shape, because of the thin chiffon like texture. The extra piece at the front adds details to make the garment more interesting, however if sewn on wonky, it would create an awful effect to the garment and they wouldn't be bought. Angles are important when creating the two different lengths, it is important that the fabric edges are exact and the angle that the shirt falls at is also equal to create a modern look. Also when the fabric of the two edges is placed horizontally next to each they must be equal. The sleeves are gather due to a button fastening however it is important that the strips to hold up the fabric are the same length, because if they're too short the fabric will look too bunched, and if it is too long there will be no waterfall effect. The buttons must also be sewed on straight or otherwise they may be wonky which could make the garment look cheap.