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Specialist Store focus on selling a specific type of product or service. e.g. the Disney store only sells items from Disney movies, and HOBS Salons is a hairdresser, therefore they specialise in hair. Specialist stores are found in varied locations, such as local locations e.g, high streets, and in-town locations e.g. shopping centres. Customer service is usually good in stores like this because they tend to be varied in size, however because they are based upon one category the employee will have good knowledge to help you. The price is dependant on the shop, this is because specialist stores vary in size and product. For example the difference in pricing between a Hair Dresser, and Land Rover garage is very different. The product offering is dependent on the type of store. The visual displays will be often updated, however dependant on the type of shop. Hairdressers may have a few images in the window, however a shop like the disney store will have different themes according to different films.


Independent retailers are privately owned. This offers high but if successful high rewards. Some examples are Superdry, Mulberry, Choice and Joy. The location is varied depending on the popularity of the store. For example Mulberry would be located in high end locations e.g. Bond street and Gee's street. Most stores are found in popular fashion districts, for example Super dry is found on Regent Street. In terms of Customer service, independent stores can offer a more personal service, because they know their customer better. E.g the high end stores such as Mulberrry will have the best customer service, because they will aim to create a tailor made experience. Smaller stores will also be able to focus on their customer more. The prices in the store are very dependant on the brand because you can have luxury independent retailers, which can be very expensive However in general independent retailers are slightly higher price than the average, because they need to earn a profit. The product on offer depends on type of store.