Ichthus Newsletter Winter 2018 - Page 8

Our National Advocate is on the move yet again! In a complete contrast to the weather when the National Advocate, David Latter, visited Leeds in February’s snow and ice, the visit to the West Devon Circuit LWPT Weekend in July was during the very hot UK summer. The weekend started with about 40 people joining together at Hatherleigh Methodist Church. David spoke about the current work of LWPT, supporting preachers of all denominations with resources, training and grants. Members of the Circuit gave us an hilarious perspective of the Fruits of the Spirit, entitled ‘Fruit Orders’, with the evening finishing by everybody singing six of the nation’s favourite hymns. On Sunday morning David led worship at Hatherleigh, focussing on 2 Corinthians David blending in well with the ‘locals’! 12:2-10, where Paul tells of strengths and weaknesses in his life. David challenged the congregation to help those in our society who felt weak, offering the strength of God, as evidenced by Paul. Worship was followed by Sunday lunch at the home of Ian and Sandra Trenaman, the organisers of the Weekend, where visiting preachers to the Circuit were also invited. On Sunday evening the Circuit gathered in Okehampton for the annual recognition of Local Preachers and Worship Leaders, with three Long Service Certificates being awarded. Worship was led by the Superintendent Minister, Rev. Liz Singleton. David preached a sermon entitled ‘For What Am I Being Called?’ from Ezekiel 2:1- 5, commenting that the Circuit had a total of over 570 years of preaching Guests enjoying a splendid meal together experience within it. He left a challenge, similar to that which Ezekiel was given, to be a watchperson, looking out for potential preachers to continue the spread of God’s word in the world. Do you have any good news stories you’d like to see featured? Please send anything you’d like to be covered to lwptoffice@lwpt.org.uk for consideration. 8 LWPT