Ichthus Newsletter Winter 2018 - Page 3

How your donations make a difference! Reflecting on my own time working in tax and a recent assignment on evangelism, I am convinced that everyday interaction between Christians and non-Christians is where the gospel can be most powerfully proclaimed and displayed outside of Sunday gatherings. College is also equipping me with a broader practical experience of ministry. I was placed at Woodford Evangelical Church for the year, which showed me life in a smaller church in a more working class context than my sending church. I had opportunities to preach three times, lead a service and do an all age talk, all with positive feedback. I also helped with a mission week at Kingham Hill School, which included giving an evangelistic talk and answering pupil’s questions about Christianity. Over the summer, I completed a week’s intensive placement in a hospital chaplaincy, which significantly increased my confidence in engaging with suffering people, Christian or otherwise. I also spent two weeks on placement at a New Frontiers church, to get a better understanding of what charismatic churches believe and how they do ministry. I very much enjoyed the placement and warmed to the church, which among other things demonstrated how social action can be combined effectively with evangelism in order to bless the local community and draw people to Christ. I now feel much better placed to engage with charismatic churches in the future and work alongside them where possible. Finally, I visited Uganda Martyrs Seminary near Kampala in June as part of a team from Oak Hill, running a conference on preaching. This was an opportunity to develop my own preaching skills and learn from brothers and sisters ministering in some very difficult circumstances. It was an incredibly encouraging and enriching time, not least in showing me where some of my own convictions were shaped more by my immediate Western cultural context than by scripture. It has also motivated me to further investigate whether I could be usefully involved with Pastor Training International or another similar organisation in the future, alongside UK based ministry. I have now embarked on my second year of studies. After college I still hope to find an assistant pastor position and I am still keen to head outside the South-East of England, to where there are fewer evangelical churches – possibly to Wolverhampton, Shropshire or Cornwall which are the places I have closest ties with.” You can support even more upcoming preachers like Phil by donating to our Winter appeal which can be found overleaf. LWPT 3