Ichthus Newsletter Winter 2018 - Page 2

BIBLE MONTH 2019: BOOK OF COLOSSIANS Amelia Gosal, Chief Executive of LWPT, said: “It’s truly wonderful to have entered into a partnership with the Methodist Church to produce Bible Month magazine, which many churches will agree is a valuable and useful resource. The magazine is a welcome addition to our growing resources supporting preaching and Christians across all denominations.” Jude Levermore, Head of Discipleship and Evangelism for the Methodist Church, said: “Reading the Bible is a basic part of being a Christian. To share and discuss a book from the Bible in depth like this is a great opportunity for fellowship and to deepen our understanding. We’re excited to work with LWPT in developing and promoting Bible Month as a key resource for churches wishing to engage more deeply with Scripture.” The Bible Month magazine will be distributed at a cost of £1 per copy (not including postage and packaging). For more information on the Bible Month initiative, visit: www.preachweb.org/biblemonth How your donations make a difference! GRANTS CASE STUDY: PHIL BAILEY In this edition of Ichthus we hear from Phil Bailey, a student at Oak Hill College who received a grant from LWPT last year. “I would like to offer heartfelt thanks for your generous support for me and my family during my first year of studies at Oak Hill College. It was a challenging year in many ways, but it is an immense privilege to be studying there full time and I am very grateful for your help in enabling this. My studies so far have made me more convinced of the need to equip and encourage Christians to live visibly Christ-like lives in their communities and workplaces. 2 LWPT