Ichthus Newsletter Summer 2017 - Page 5

LPMA to LWPT In 2005, LWPT was formed and we are so very grateful to all our supporters, old and new, who have encouraged and prayed for us during the time of transition from LPMA to LWPT. Unsurprisingly, the ‘New Vision advocated by LPMA in its decision to hand over the reins to LWPT took some time to bed in. Twelve years on LWPT is making solid progress in delivering the strategies to deliver the LPMA ‘New Vision’. The new charity was always going to be different – hence the catalyst for change. Historically LPMA members had clearly defined benefits connected to the charity’s ‘mutual aid’ philosophy that prompted its establishment some 168 years ago. LWPT has a wider remit that requires it to reach out to a much broader ecumenical group. Whilst it has taken some time for the changes to fully impact, LWPT emphasis today is on support for training, education and resources for preachers and leaders of worship. LPMA, a member organisation (including options for Life Membership), was primarily funded by its members but a more general fundraising strategy was anticipated for the new ecumenically based charity. LPMA life membership and the associated benefits could not be transferred across to LWPT as they were not sustainable in the long term. LPMA members, who initially formed the backbone of LWPT supporters, continued to receive information from the new charity and were kept in touch with LWPT’s activities through the Ichthus newsletter, the LWPT website and the work of the LWPT National Advocate. With the recent developments in LWPT’s three primary strands of activity (providing resources, grants and training) the Trustees of LWPT have successfully launched a new three tier donor giving structure to provide the vital financial support necessary for the charity to deliver its Christian objectives. This will help to underpin the financial security and provide longevity for LWPT. We thank everyone for their continued support. LWPT 5