Ichthus Newsletter Spring 2018 - Page 4

Sermon of the Year 2018 - Be Set Free Preach Magazine and London School of Theology are teaming up for the third national Sermon of the Year competition and it is set to be bigger and better than ever before! Preachers from around the UK have submitted written sermons of no more than 1500 words on the subject ‘Be Set Free’. Four finalists will preach their sermons on Thursday 21 June 2018 in front of a panel of judges and an audience at LST. The winner will be awarded a year’s free tuition at LST which the w [\[Z]\\B[\[\܈YY[ۙH[B܈H0L X\][[[]Y[ [\[و [H\]][ۈX[BZ[XH]H[\\[ܝH KHY[[[ۜ\وH[HوX\\YZ[\\XZ\[XY[ZX]\H]][X]HH\[ۜXZ]YYܙHۘY[›ۈH[\[[\܈\[ۈوHYX\ N\N(Hܚ\[XZ8$[[\X܈و\]HYH܈ XY[ZX˜[[X[(HH[8$XY[ZX[X][ۙ\(H][H[\8$Z[\\[]]܂(H[۞H[[ۈ8$XYو[KP•H[\\[H]\Y L HٙHYX\وYH]܈H0̍LX\[H L\[ۜ[\Y[HX\Y[H˂[\QHX]^HHX\[܈8&\[ۈوHYX\ N[[&B]˙][]K˝Z[YHY\Y[[H]Z[XHۈHY[ˈHHYH[H\HB