Ichthus Newsletter Spring 2018 - Page 2

We are truly grateful to three longstanding Trustees who have now stepped down from the LWPT Trustee board. We give grateful thanks for the service given by Philip Nuttall, Graham Evans and Jenny Benfield. Recruitment for new Trustees with appropriate skills and experience is underway and we look forward to bringing you details of new appointments in the next issue of Ichthus. How your donations are making a difference! GRANTS CASE STUDY - HEATHER MARTIN Last year we awarded Heather Martin a vocational grant to aid her theological studies. Hear from Heather on the impact your donations have made on her life. Thank you for the grant you kindly awarded to me. The money has been a massive help towards the funding of my studies. Currently, I am studying at Ridley Hall in Cambridge on their Lay Ministry degree course from Durham University. After completing a Youth and Children’s internship at Bishops Stortford Baptist Church following my first degree, I felt God was calling me on a different path from PE Teaching which I had always been set on. At the end of the first year of my three year degree course in Theology, Ministry and Mission with a Youth Work pathway, I have managed to make some great progress not just in my studies, but also in my ministry and my experience. The grant has allowed me to focus on my ministry before the financial worries of having to fund the course myself. I have been able to theologically reflect on my ministry and have time to study. Although I am still trying to work a part time job alongside both my studies and ministry, and while I still have to raise the funds for the next two years of my course, the grant has been invaluable. The grant has given me a solid foundation on which to begin these studies and I wouldn’t have been able to 2 LWPT GRANTS CASE STUDY - DANIELA EISENTRAEGER Thank you very much for supporting me in my third and final year at Moorlands College. Through the grant from LWPT, I was able to carry on studying and graduated with a First Class Honours in Applied Theology. Last year God challenged me to change my placement. After a time of discernment I followed God’s call and finished my two placements with the Hospital Chaplaincy and the Free-Evangelic Pentecostal Church and joined an Anglican Church with its two sister churches. It wasn’t an easy step as I was deeply rooted in my former church but this change gave me a whole lot more opportunities to preach, to lead and every so often to step out of my comfort zone. The teaching at Moorlands gave me not only a deeper knowledge of the Bible, it also helped to improve my leadership and preaching skills that equipped me for my current job. Furthermore, the placements have provided many experiences which were a base for my further learning and development. Studying at Moorlands College was one of the best experiences I have had in my spiritual journey so far. God taught me so much during these last three years. My trust in his faithfulness and providing hands deepened increasingly and his guidance lead me to the position I’m in now. I’m the new Lay Minister of the Parish of Holdenhurst, here in Bournemouth. Part of my role is the development of the church in line with the mission action plan of the diocese and to assist the priest in charge in his capacities as the leader of the three churches of the Benefice. Thank you again for your support. You can apply for a grant today or recommend applying to someone who you think may benefit! Visit www.lwpt.org.uk/vocational-grants for more information today. LWPT 3