ICC Magazine - Page 18

You Can Add Your Measure Of Support Why should you invest in arts education? While the ICC has gained great acclaim for its achievements in choral music, this artistry is grounded in a foundation of exceptional music education. Through the process of disciplined rehearsal and artistic study, music education plays a vital role in the individual and social development of young people. In the community of the ICC, children and youth learn self-discipline, work collaboratively with peers, and flourish under the guidance of caring adult role models. They thrive in this environment, gaining self-respect, developing maturity, and finding purpose. The arts adorn and bring beauty to our community, even as they bring people together from many different backgrounds. Why support the Indianapolis Children’s Choir? Did you know that only 50% of the ICC’s costs are offset by tuition and performance income? Generous donors help the ICC keep program fees as affordable as possible, and in addition, charitable contributions allow the ICC to: 18 Bring affordable music programs to low-income families Through the Everyone COUNTS (Community Outreach Uniting & Nurturing Through Song) program, the ICC provides needbased financial assistance to children whose families might not otherwise be able to afford the cost of tuition. Support school readiness for at-risk preschoolers The ICC’s early childhood program helps more than 1,000 preschoolers in and around Indianapolis to become school-ready by nurturing cognitive, musical, kinesthetic, and social skills through music programs in nearly 20 locations. A majority of the children enrolled in the ICC’s early childhood programs are from low-income families or have special learning needs. Stimulate learning and self-expression for students with special needs In 2012, the ICC founded Jubilate, a unique choral music experience for children in grades 3-9 with special needs. Accompanied by peer friends from the advanced ICC ensembles, participants join together once per week to sing, learn music theory and sight-reading, and socialize in a supportive and creative atmosphere. Through a tactile and individualized approach to learning music, students gain confidence in their musical skills and learn to express themselves in new ways. Support regional music education across central Indiana Through its 30-year legacy, the ICC’s geographic footprint has expanded from Marion County to approximately 20 sites throughout central Indiana. Ensembles meet in Avon, Columbus, Carmel, Fishers, Franklin, Greenwood, New Castle, Whitestown, and other locations. The goal of the regional initiative is to provide ample opportunities for children in counties all over central Indiana to participate in quality introductory choral programs that are convenient to their homes and sc Y[\˂