IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 9

Selling The Sizzle This phrase is as old as dirt – but, still valid and a wonderful term to lock away in your head and bring it forward as and when you are in a sales situation. What it means of course is to make sure you are talking about the things that are or would be attractive to your client. So attractive that they are eager to buy the travel experience from you now, today. Let’s explore: Okay, think about the game, be out in the park, near a camp fire, walking past a street vendor and suddenly the aroma of hot dogs and onions comes zipping past your nose… MMM! Then there’s that steak on the Barbie - and not only the aroma but the sound of it cooking. The sizzling sound that suggests one very tasty meal coming to your table any minute now. words that will have your clients salivating over what you are cooking up for their vacation. When To Sell The Steak Now we switch menus for a moment. When you have clients who are beach lovers and enjoy all things sun related – then they are savvy to the benefits of anything you are going to tell them about. What you do now is promote the features of the “steak”. The phrase sell the sizzle not the steak is what we’re focusing on. In other words, sell the benefits not the features. You know all about that steak in terms of what it is and where to buy it and how to cook it. You also know that it’s very, very tasty… AND it satisfies your hunger. Those two comments are the key benefits. That’s the sizzle you are selling. So let’s equate all this to selling hot and sizzlin’ summer vacations. So, this resort has a larger swimming pool, they have 5 more night clubs than other similar resorts. The golf course is one of the top courses in the area. You see that in reviewing these types of features, a savvy client would be picturing the benefits in their mind. They know what a larger pool means to them, same thing for the choice of night clubs on the property and so on. What’s HOT and on the Summer Menu? Adding The Secret Sauce First stop is to search online for THE WORLD’S BEST… and then you can fill in the blank with the words: beaches, surfing, scuba, with night life and then when you check the results of your search you can check with your preferred suppliers to determine if they feature that specific destination. When it’s time to market your chosen SIZZLIN’ vacation spot then you’ll be searching for those Every top salesperson has a secret sauce or an ingredien Ёѡ