IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 7

What’s On the Summer Travel Menu? No doubt you have your niche to sell and that’s probably what’s on the travel menu you provide your client base. Whether you are 100% general or 100% niche, it will be your marketing of a summer vacation that attracts your existing and new prospects to contact you. If you know your products and you know your suppliers and the destinations you intend to push then all you have to do now is focus on the wording and imagery to be used in your marketing campaign/s. Remember sunsets and sunrises still pull no matter which destination or type of travel you are marketing. Use Your Facebook Cover You know how to use your Facebook cover image but the question is: are you changing it to suit your current promotion? Excellent! Well now is the time to use it and push your summer campaign to your Facebook pals. Link your post to your websi є