IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 6

Selling Summer Oh summer! What a great season to sell and right about now. April is a great month for promoting summer travel. Most people around the globe are coming off a winter that by all accounts was terrible with way too much snow, freezing temperatures that wouldn’t quit and floods and in other parts of the world drought and wild fires. What can you say but “Hey! Time to chill out. Take some time. Regroup. Relax. Take a vacation.” So, are you working on your Summer Selling Promotion? Do you have your destinations selected? How about your tour products? Are YOU planning to lead your own tours anywhere? Let’s sell some sizzle. There is sometimes a misnomer that people in general will hang locally and not bother to go travelling during the summer months. That statement is part true, depending on where you live, how nice the summer months are, and the people who choose to stay put. I’ve listened to those reports. My take on the world of travel is that there is always someone that has saved up to go somewhere, every day of the year. Travel is too personal to lump everyone together into the “They won’t travel in summer…” box. Nope. You have to have faith in the fact that the lives of your client’s are much the same as yours – you need a break and so do they. You have your dreams and so do they. In my book that means there’s travel to be sold each day every day. Beaches Are More Than Winter Of course if where you live your winters are harsh, then many of your clients will be booking those beach vacations to soak up the sun, whilst those at home are freezing their tails off. There are beach vacations that also sell in the summer and there’s also a clientele for this mid-year product. The decision is: which summer beach and where? Many of those winter destinations are actually year-round destinations as their climate stays more or less even throughout the year. What drives tourists there in the wintertime is the weather at home. So, you can still sell Hawaii and Mexico and the Caribbean during summer. The European Scene As you know Europe as a whole has more than a splendid coast line complete with stunning beaches and hidden coves. Then not far away would be fabulous cuisine and historical everything. Do your due diligence and explore online for the top ten European beaches, or explore what your preferred suppliers are offering this summer in Europe. Summer Luxury If you have the clientele with those deep pockets then there’s luxury travel to be had – and that means anywhere in the world during the summer months. So what type of luxury travel can be had during the summer? Let’s talk safaris as in Glamping, or river cruising in Europe, China and elsewhere. You name it there’s a luxury version of it.