IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 26

Call Your Travel Agent As you may have heard, a survey was conducted in the US and whoever responded to the survey confirmed that they wished to be referred to as a Travel Consultant or Counsellor not as Home-Based Travel Agents. This “what shall we call ourselves” has been going on for some time and all sorts of reasoning has been put forth about why travel agents are no longer travel agents. They don’t “agent” any more. They don’t represent the companies that supply the cruise, the tour, the air seat and so on. Travel agents, sorry Travel Counselors work for the consumer. Yup. That is apparently how it works. Yup! Better get this sorted, and especially if you are new to selling travel from home as you might be falling into a trap and not know it. I’ll write this as if you have never been in the travel industry, just joined and now setting up to sell travel as an independent travel agent from a home office. This page should also interest you, the person selling travel from a physical location. It’s Travel Agent – Not Counsellor Just like an Accountant is an Accountant not a Ledger Counsellor, or Number Consultant, so you are a Travel Agent and it doesn’t matter where you sell travel from. High rise tower, street front, your home or the beach – you are still a Travel Agent as the Accountant is and always will be an Accountant. Then there’s this – how travel suppliers market and promote you in their own advertising: When you remove yourself from the term Travel Agent you are moving yourself away from the potential sales generated by supplier ads. Travel Agent – Specializing In… Why not be the travel agent you were meant to be and promote your skills and niche talents with a byline under your Your Name, name. That way Travel Agent you’ll have the Specializing in best of all worlds. Jamaican Honeymoons Remember this is all about making sales. Generating income. Not labelling yourself to suit misguided commentary. It’s Sales – Not Consulting First things first. Yes of course you will be talking with your clients, advising, questioning, answering and counselling their decisions as they consult your knowledge, extensive or otherwise. But in all the chatter, never lose sight of the fact that you are in a sales role. You sell travel. Opportunity With all that money behind all those ads promoting call your TRAVEL AGENT why would you want to confuse the consumer with Travel Counsellor? That’s not good business at all. With so many suppliers promoting: Call Your Travel Agent… why not create a website and name it Your Travel Agent. Then, when you promote yourself, local customers will see that you are the one ALL those ad’s mention. You are YOUR TRAVEL AGENT – and, you must be very good, because almost every travel supplier is promoting you.