IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 24

What Do You Do WithIt’s 9pm at night. Do you know where all your travel keepsakes are? Ya do?! WOW! Excellent. So what are you going to go with them? Talking marketing here. Those coupons, tickets, programs and other goodies you collected over the years are now called “content”. What do you do with your keepsakes to help market your travel services? Here’s a few ideas: Here’s a couple of coupons I found as I was searching through my own horde of “stuff” and this is what got me to thinking about what you might have tucked away and whether or not you use it to help sell more travel. It’s this type of scrapbooking travel keepsakes that proves you were there and it also makes your marketing more real to the reader. Selling a summer trip to Egypt would indeed be a sizzling hot trip to make… but oh, what a feeling once you stand by those ancient monuments, tour the museum or head out into the dessert. Exchange Egypt for a summer scene somewhere else. A beach. A mountain top view… what have you got, kept, retained (legally of course) that you can use in your marketing activities? The Date You have to decide, if there is a date on the keepsake you intend to use, whether or not it will work against you. Some dates, old dates can prove you were there “way back when…” allowing you to market your past experience. A more recent date, puts you in the realm of being current and up to date with what’s happening at the destination you are marketing today. If you have a photograph or a postcard that’s dated as in the image below – then you could use this as a before and after, a then and now promotion. Postcards From Clients Postcards: always a wonderful item to use to promote your services and especially if there is a nice quote from the client who sent the card extolling your services and the trip you arranged. If you use a client’s postcard be sure to blot out their last name. Their personal home address wouldn’t be on the postcard if they are mailing from the destination – but if it is, then that too should be blotted out. Easy enough to do in any of the scanning / photo editing software programs. What Else Do You Have? It’s better if the keepsake is yours. You might even take a Selfie showing you holding it. If you are into videoing then switch on your webcam and record a short video of you holding an item and relate the story around it. Then post that video on your agency YouTube account or post it to your agency’s Facebook page and start a conversation about travel keepsakes. Add the line: More keepsakes waiting for you here: then pitch your summer sizzlin’ promotion. 