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TABLE OF CONTENTS – IC APRIL 2014 4 EDITORIAL 6 SELLING SUMMER 9 SELLING THE SIZZLE 10 YOU CAN’T SIZZLE IF YOU… 11 BEACH AND… VACATIONS 12 IT’S A SHADY BUSINESS 13 SELLING SUMMER KOOL 13 THE BIRTHDAY WISH 14 FISHING FOR THAT PERFECT SUMMER TRAVEL EXPERIENCE Steve Gillick 17 SUMMER BAD 18 SECRET SELLING SAUCE 19 STRIKE ZONE FOCUS Cory Andrichuk 21 AHA! SO THAT’S WHY! 24 WHAT DO YOU DO WITH… 25 HEY, WHAT’S UP CHOC? 26 CALL YOUR TRAVEL AGENT 28 QUICK TIPS 30 TRAINING PAGE 31 SELLING ANCILLARIES 32 NEW TOOLS 36 SELLING TRAVEL WITH STEVE Advertisers in this issue: Nexion Canada Page 3, The Travel Agent Next Door Page 5, The Travel Agent’s Store Page 20, The Travel Institute Page 34, Big Bark Graphics Page 37 Advertising in IC Travel Agent reaches the serious business-minded travel agent. Promote your products and services via video, audio or generic text and images. IC Travel Agent is marketed direct to over 4,000 travel agents plus thousands more via social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, trade contacts, partners and educational institutions. Your ad includes a BONUS How-to-Sell article. Full page rates range from $300 to $425 based on number of insertions. If it’s not yet 5pm where you live, you still have time to make one more call, close one more sale or e-mail one more promotion! Selling travel from home does not have to be a puzzle when you read IC! Find the host agency that best suits your needs. Share your money making ideas in IC and help your IC colleagues. CONTACT Steve Crowhurst steve@ic-travelagent.com 250-738-0064 www.ic-travelagent.com Publisher: SMP Training Co. www.smptraining.com Contributors Steve Crowhurst IC TRAVEL AGENT is owned and published by Steve Crowhurst, SMP Training Co. All Rights Reserved. Protected by International Copyright Law. IC TRAVEL AGENT can be shared, forwarded, cut and pasted but not sold, resold or in any way monetized. Using any images or content from IC TRAVEL AGENT must be sourced as follows: “Copyright SMP Training Co. www.smptraining.com” SMP Training Co. 568 Country Club Drive, Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada, V9K-1G1 Note: Steve Crowhurst is not responsible for outcomes based on how you interpret or use the ideas in IC TRAVEL AGENT. T: 250-738-0064.