IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 17

Summer BAD It’s summer. People heading off to the beach. They don’t need anyone waving an insurance brochure in their face. What can happen? The family are all healthy. Never had a problem before. None of their friends bother to purchase travel insurance and they travel a lot. That was easy! Didn’t have to struggle with that sale, trying to argue the issues, pros and cons about whether or not travel insurance is a good buy in today’s world. I mean come on. There’s an app for that. Isn’t there? Surely. Well an app or a video. One of the two will work. So you fall over, sprain your ankle on the middle of nowhere, you hit the Emergency App button and “they” come and rescue you. Whoops! There was no mention of the cost of extraction, the chopper, the team. You mean that Buck-99 was just the cost of the app. You mean that didn’t cover EVERYTHING? Explaining why travel insurance coverage is needed to a young, healthy, fit young person is a tough road to haul. However, this is where your experience comes into play – if you have it that is. Most senior travel agents know from first-hand experience why insurance of any kind is a good investment. Younger travel agents may need to have something stolen, lost, or their health challenged before the message actually sinks in. It’s the worst way to learn a lesson of course, but sometimes it is the only way. The worst of worst lessons would be having a friend die in your company because no hospital or doctor overseas would tend to them. Click the link below to view the Infographic in a larger format and then scroll to the bottom of the image and you will find a link to the HTML. Copy it and paste into your website to embed this image on your insurance web page. http://www.insureandaway.co.uk/why%20do%20i%20need% 20travel%20insurance/#sthash.RgImXla1.dpuf The Travel Insurance Niche Specialist eGuide is a great resource and one every travel agent should read. Click here to view.