IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 15

The Halibut Travel Theme: Summer Time and Living is Easy… Travel Image: Lazily fishing by the creek on a hot summer day, wearing a straw hat tilted over the eyes, chewing on a piece of straw, dipping the fishing rod into the creek and waiting for a bite. Travel Type: Laissez-faire, let everything unwind as it will. Traveller does not want to be scheduled to death. Needs lots of free time. Travel Communication: This is your text/twittercommunicating client who will decide this afternoon that he/she needs a travel add-on tomorrow and will want you to arrange it. This client is long term; wants you to take care of details but only as requested. Travel Accommodation: Prefers small intimate hotels. The Marlin Travel Theme: Summer Time and the Fish are Jumping… Travel Image: Deep sea fishing adventures with the wind blowing in his/her face, strapped into the ‘fighting chair’ with rod bent over and reel spinning as a blue-fin Tuna flies out of the water. Travel Type: Adventure, independent, DIY, throw caution to the wind, do it for the bragging rights. Travel Communication: This client prefers email—the less contact, the better. When something goes wrong he/she will just ‘fix’ it and tell you about it later. Once you interview the client and create their CRM profile, don’t ask the same questions again. Travel Accommodation: Prefers small hotels, will not tolerate mass tourism but ensure that the hotel bar is fully stocked. The Flounder Travel Theme: Summer Time and the Sounds of Silence. Travel Image: Standing hip-deep in a river, wearing waders, and casting your fly fishing line into the water again and again. The emphasis is on peace, quiet, fresh air, the ripple of the water, the sounds of nature. Travel Type: Outdoors, walker, hiker, trekker. The person who appreciates at least one day on a holiday that is off the beaten track—communing with nature—and recording their peace and quiet with photographs and even writing. Travel Communication: This is your Blog or Facebook client who likes to record and relate things in detail. They are likely to book a customized package tour where at least one day can include a get-away-from-it-all activity. Travel Accommodation: Hotels/ Resorts/ B & B’s are not really an issue as long as there are people to meet. The Grouper Travel Theme: Summer Time with So Much to do and So Little Time to Do It. Travel Image: Fish markets, temples, attractions, restaurants, shopping, beaches & tours. This is a busy itinerary for a busy person who likes to do and see. Travel Type: Likes to have fun, prefers to have someone else do the organizing and scheduling. Has no issue with group tours as long as the itinerary takes in everything and the coach or waterway cruise allows plenty of time to see and do. Travel Communication: This is your selfie-photo person. He/she is on Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr. Probably also on Facebook and Twitter, as communicating everything possible to everyone at every possible moment is very important. Travel Accommodation: All inclusives are great, as you can have choice, try different foods, eat quickly and get back to your activities. The Sardine Travel Theme: Summer Time and I Hate Fishing aka Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer Travel Image: Slathered in sun protection, lying on a beach, lazing under a beach umbrella, sipping sweet summer drinks from a straw (paper umbrella in drink, of course). Travel Type: All-inclusives, package holiday veteran. Wakes up early, reserves 5 lounge chairs with towels, then goes back to sleep and eventually returns to pool or beach after breakfast, 3 hours later. Enjoys watching hotel activities, the buzz of talkative hotel patrons and the evening entertainment. Travel Communication: Telephone and in-person. Attitude is ‘show me what’s available at my price point and send me there’. Thank you. That’s All. Travel Accommodation: All-inclusive but great