IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 13

Selling Summer Kool Everyone has their own ideas about what a summer vacation is all about. Some head back to the local beach, others go for a beach far away on a distant shore, cycling through Europe sounds good especially with a cool one after the peddling. Then there are vacations that can truly fit the summer fare and on the kool scale reach a 10. Let’s chill out and check in. The Word Kool Go High, Go North, Be Cool Kool actually means cool as in not hot and also great, different, interesting. Kool is often used in marketing slogans to attract by spelling the word cool with a ‘k’. North of the Equator, above 45° or 60° depending on the season of the selected country and you’ll be experiencing both cool and kool. If you have not yet sold ice-bound vacations, give it a try. Not talking the North Pole, but to visit Inuit villages on a tour for instance and to view the wild life of the north is very, very kool. Where is it Kool to Visit? Every traveller has their own definition of kool places to visit – but then, many do not have an idea of where to go next. All they know is they want something different. Others actually want it cool as in low heat and they want to mix that in with an adventure or a more cerebral type of vacation. Off the Cliff Monasteries to Opera Places that are cool and kool might be those ancient places of worship that are built into and on top of cliffs and mountains. You can find them in Europe and Asia. Then there would be those fabulous, ornate opera houses found in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Our Summer Their Winter Check your world map and seasonality charts to find out when it is winter there as opposed to where you live when it is summer. Generally it would be on the opposite side of the planet to where you live. Some countries experience wonderful climates during “our summer” and offer cool, crisp, clear vistas to enjoy. For some countries your opposite would be Australia and New Zealand and what wonderful and different scenery they offer. You can even go north in those countries to be cooler! The Top Ten There is always a top ten. Most travel magazines generate a top ten of all things travel from cruises, to tours and everything in between and that includes countries, inns, vineyards, treks – you name it, there’s a top ten list. Your next click then is to search online for the Top Ten of whatever it is that you would like to sell this summer that would be kool for your clients. The Cool Travel Club Here’s an idea for you: start a travel club for people like me who cannot take the heat. Be cool. Travel cool. Go to kool places. Start KoolTravel.com. Now that’s a kool idea! 