IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 12

It’s a Shady Business So what do you do when your clients are all sun lovers and then there’s the odd one in the group who is not the black sheep, more the white, the pink and the delicate one! YUP… just like me! Remember in the editorial I mentioned finding me under the shade of a tree, well here ya go! That’s me under one of those very large whateveritis plants! So how do you sell shade when it’s full on summer? Let’s explore: Believe it or not shady vacations go hand in glove with sun, sand and beach vacations. Let’s say you have a family heading off to a beach vacation. They will for sure at some point in their stay need to protect their kids from the sun’s rays and fill the time with something exciting. That’s where your knowledge of shady vacation opportunities comes into play. Talking inside entertainment for the whole family. DMOZ.OG The Open Directory Project is a fascinating thing. Find out all about it here at DMOZ.ORG and before you do that, click the link below to review the list of museums that might fit into a post beach visit. http://www.dmoz.org/Reference/Museums/Dir ectories/ What Else Can You Suggest? How about KIDZANIA? It’s one of the hottest (our selling theme) entertainment companies to come along for some time. Watch the video and you’ll get the message. They are not everywhere yet, but they soon will be. ART Museums Here’s a terrific site for… well you guessed it! ART! Kids live art and you can always check for hands-on kids programs. Thinki