IC TRAVEL AGENT April 2014 - Page 11

Beach and… Vacations The beach vacation is one component of many combo styled vacations. A combo vacation is when your clients want to add something else to their beach holiday – something extra to do, to experience after lazing on the beach. You can also structure your own selection of BEACH AND… combinations and market them locally to ready-made groups, associations and common interest clubs. Here’s a few ideas for you to think on and develop your own programs. Okay, thinking caps on. What can you combo up with a beach vacation? That’s the puzzle we need to solve when your client hits the ESCAPE key. They want something more than sun, sand and sea. And it looks like you found it: GOLF. Yes golf actually goes with most vacations and for sure a beach vacation. Do many beach resorts offer a golf club? Yes they do and for sure you can arrange the full package for your clients. Okay what else? Are you thinking other sports? Right on the money. Scuba, hiking and para-gliding could fit. Then we still need factor in a nice air-conditioned activity for those that cannot take the sun day-in and day-out. Are you with me? Yes of course SHOPPING – an air-condition activity! Did anyone think food? Wine? Sushi? Cheese sarnies? Come on now… food after the beach is a gimme. Keep going… how about sightseeing and flightseeing and if your clients are heading to Hawaii then for sure it’s a trip to the top of the volcanoes and bike down. If Mexico then it’s atop the ruins they go. Now if you’ve managed to sell your clients on a European beach vacation then you might add a side trip to Monaco or Rome or Paris. So many combinations to add to a beach vacation – about 200 activities in fact. Perhaps start here: what do you like to do pre and post lazing on the beach? 