IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 99

99 Colour mix lights the way for AoIP Stage Tec MetaCoder solves case of missing wireless camera metadata Qtake By Mark Hallinger By David Fox The Berlin-based manufacturer is presenting Avatus, a new large-format mixing console that can vary in size between 1 and 8 fader cassettes, which are connected via IP a nd can be used for remote production. The Avatus display and operating philosophy is based on large multi-touch screens where only the currently relevant, context-related functions are displayed. Coupled with the decentralised mode of operation, dispensing with the centre section brings users more flexibility in something like a multi-user operation, claims the company. Avatus offers new features centred around colour- coding, for example on the functional blocks. New: Avatus is modular, flexible and completely IP-based Accomplished using LEDs in each rotary encoder, the colour-coding indicates which function is currently assigned. The faders are also colour-coded, giving a quick overview of big projects. The IP-console provides more than 800 input channels and 128 sum busses. It has integrated features such as the De-esser as an audio module, loudness metering and the Stage Tec automixer. Channel formats currently range from mono to 7.1. Dr Helmut Jahne, managing director of Stage Tec, said: “The future will be fascinating – and with Avatus we are well equipped to respond to customer requirements and market trends.” 8.C80 Wireless transmitters can strip out metadata from the camera output as they typically don’t transmit the ancillary space of the SDI signal that contains it, which is why Qtake has developed MetaCoder. It processes metadata in a way that preserves it regardless of the wireless sender, and just has to be placed in the chain between the camera and the transmitter. It means that Qtake’s various video assist systems, which are used to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output, will now be able to read the metadata, just as if it was connected to the camera using the SDI cable. MetaCoder offers zero latency metadata processing, has auto-detection for the camera model with support for Arri, Red and Sony cameras. It has SD/HD/3G- SDI input and outputs with loop-through, and optional network connection to camera, an internal battery to allow hot-swapping power cables and fan-free design for silent operation. 12.G43 Mastering metadata movement: Qtake’s new MetaCoder ensures data retention