IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 98

98 STAYCONNECTED show.ibc.org I #IBC2018 Bre4K out 4 multiviewers Bringing remote sites closer Craltech Electronica By David Fox Bre4K is Craltech’s new mini4K quad-split mini multiviewer, which will display high-quality images from up to four HD HDMI sources simultaneously on a UHD screen or projector. The compact and lightweight aluminium unit is a space-saving, fanless, energy-effi cient hardware- based multiviewer with low processing delay. Bre4K includes an Ethernet connector for drag-and-drop remote control. Its professional broadcast features include UMD and Tally, aspect ratio selection, markers, real-time colour waveform and vectorscope Radica Broadcast Systems By Mark Hallinger Give me a Bre4K…: Craltech’s new mini 4K quad-split HDMI multiviewer per input, 8-channel audio level meters and alarms. At IBC Craltech is also showing new broadcast LCD monitors with 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI and SFP inputs, and new quad split systems. 11.C02 Be alert for Sentry enhancements Tektronix By Ian McMurray Multiple enhancements to its Sentry live and VoD cloud video monitoring solutions were announced by Tektronix in August, and these are being demonstrated at IBC. Sentry automates live stream monitoring on cloud and cable networks, performing hundreds of quality assessment and compliance checks, and a wide range of video and audio analysis. The enhancements include the addition of TekMOS, meaning that Sentry now provides a picture quality rating on multiple live video streams concurrently. TekMOS is a non-reference picture quality analysis algorithm unique to Tektronix that generates a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) using machine learning techniques. Those scores are said to have a strong correlation to how viewers would rate the quality of the content. TekMOS scores can be viewed through graphical displays or extracted using an API along with reasons for not achieving a perfect score. Tektronix claims this removes the guesswork from diagnostics and enables quick and eff ective corrective action. The company has also introduced new cloud based pricing options for live and VoD quality assurance, including subscription- based, per video stream and on-demand options. OTT networks use cloud-based services that enable operators to start with lower initial operation costs and scale as they grow, notes Tektronix, and these pricing options allow operators to scale their monitoring costs as their networks and workfl ows evolve. 5.A73 Sentry now benefi ts from the addition of TekMOS picture quality analysis Radica is showing the new Davicom Cortex360 on its stand. The remote site management system is built on the latest hardware processor running an embedded Linux kernel. The product allows a user to instantly see site status thanks to a built-in OLED system display. Power consumption is low due to the unit’s small (300mA) current draw at 12v. Radica said this means a broadcaster can stay in control of a site for longer periods on battery backup if power fails, or for operation from solar powered installations. It also takes full advantage of SNMP site management: Cortex360’s SNMP-Manager war machine can provide up to 1024 GET, SET and TRAP commands to manage external devices. Full on-site management without an external computer kept on site is possible with built-in video output and keyboard/mouse inputs. An operator can also manage a site over very low bandwidth communications channels if needed. Cortex360 can measure almost any type of analogue sensor through the unit’s fully diff erential metering inputs, and automatically detect channel silence with built-in RMS signal detectors. 8.C96 Connected: An operator can contact via dial-up or modern, fast connectivity options Full-frame F3 primes to fi lter in NiSi By David Fox Filter specialist NiSi has moved in to the lens market with its new F3 full-frame prime lenses, which cover 46.5mm format sensors, making them compatible with such cameras as the Arri Alexa LF, Red Monstro VV, or Canon C700FF. The line includes 25mm/ T2.1, and 35, 50, 75 and 100mm (all T2.0). There will also be an 18mm. They all have a 95mm front diameter and are 117mm long (from the front to the PL-mount fl ange), with the same 270º focus rotation, and have 12 iris blades for “a soft and beautiful bokeh”. They weigh from 1120g (75mm) to 1330g (25mm), and come with PL, Canon EF or Sony E mounts – user swappable. The optical coating on the lenses is claimed to control dispersion perfectly while retaining rich details, which will result in “stylised fl are and contrast enhancement”, according to the company. 12.D51, 12.F79 The initial line up of NiSi F3 full-frame prime lenses