IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 97

97 OPINION It’s time to democratise the video news industry Ruptly is breaking the mould by disrupting the business model of the video news syndication world. On 13 September 2018, we announced the launch of Ruptly Pass, a subscription model that offers video publishers and broadcasters access to unlimited HD video and live events for just €12.50 a month. We regard this as an unprecedented move. The price includes award-winning 360-degree videos and high-quality productions using drones and multi-camera live feeds. Offering unlimited access to around 80,000 existing videos, along with an average of 40 new videos and five live events a day, will be helpful to both new channels seeking to grow their content offer and existing platforms looking to expand their audience and experiment without financial risk. It is time that the industry changed and we’re proud to lead that change. With the number of cross-platform publishers skyrocketing, we believe in access to high- quality video content for all. We have committed to making content affordable, easy to access and uncompromising in quality. Take Ruptly Live, for example. This enables clients to stream up to nine simultaneous feeds from our platform direct to social media in seconds. It is included in Ruptly Pass. Access to technology is one of the driving forces behind maintaining relevancy in the video news agency world. It’s the reason why we value IBC, as it helps us to get familiar with the best and the latest in technology for media companies. Our team at IBC is closely following developments around the transition to UHD in broadcast, IP-based workflows and cloud- based production/post- production. These subjects are all especially important in developing fast and efficient ways of producing and delivering content to our clients, and of course making Ruptly Pass even better in the future. At IBC we are showcasing the outside broadcast vans that we used to deliver live multi-camera coverage of FIFA legends during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The vans are located in the outside exhibits area in a co-exhibition with our valued partners ARRI, Riedel, Qvest Media and LiveU. Our chief commercial officer, Matt Tabaccos, is also appearing in the IBC conference sessions and will explore the shifting media agency landscape and present Ruptly Pass Bringing the pitch home Klover Products reduced range and clarity, but the Klover MiK By Mark Hallinger provides more range and a more focused pickup Parabolic microphones pattern than any other are a staple in the sports type of microphone.” broadcast industry in The smallest model, the USA, but not seen as 23cm in diameter, is small often in Europe. Klover enough to mount directly Products’ line of parabolic to a video camera but it microphones captures provides performance sound from great distances that is equal or better by using the physics of a than a high-end shotgun parabolic collector to focus microphone, claims Long range: The 66cm Klover MiK allows a conversation Terpstra. It also provides sound from a large area to be understood from up to 180m away onto a small microphone. a more focused pickup, a The Wisconsin-based from up to 180m away. longer range, and is more company is showing several of Paul Terpstra, co-founder of wind resistant than a shotgun its parabolic mics at IBC2018. Klover Products, said: “Similar mic. The company has side- The largest model is 66cm products that were previously by-side demonstrations of this in diameter and allows a available did not use a true on stand. 8.A72 conversation to be understood parabolic shape which greatly Dinara Toktosunova, chief executive, Ruptly in a panel alongside speakers from CNN, Al Ara &BvGGfVVBFP6W76( 6G&VB63V'&6r6vRFPWw2VF'W6W7>( 0Fr6R6GW&F@3FRVW&B&6VRRFW&R#P6W7F2&66&WG0&R6VBfW7FV@6f&@'FfBf6f&N( 2WrU3C#6W7F2&66&WG2&PFW6vVBf"7FFF6&VBv&76W2"FW Vf&VG2vW&RW6W'0VVBF6G&B&VGV6P6R&GV6VB'&6V@&Gv&R6W'fW"WVV@B6Ɩrf2FRU3C#6W&W206f&N( 2f'7B6W7F0&6&GV7B&vR@2ƖVBvFV֖P6VB'6&&rfF&VGV6R6RBBFW&W&f&6RFP6&WG2W6R&FVB7FVV67G'V7Ff"7G&VwFB&vFGvFRЧfVVW&VB'F6R&&@g&BF"BFfGVf&RF&VRVvG0uR3%RBC%RFW&PsV6vFRB66FVWfGVRWfVƖrfVWB67F'2BfW'F66&PvVVB&R6VFVBFR6&R6&WG2&P7WƖVB76V&VBC