IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 92

    show.ibc.org Ronin-S single-handedly updates gimbal DJI By David Fox The new DJI Ronin-S gimbal with the Force Pro controller The new Ronin-S is DJI’s fi rst single-handed stabiliser for compact cameras. It can support a payload of up to about 3.6kg – heavier cameras have worked with it, such as the Sony FS5, but have had to be stripped down to fi t. Its stabilisation system can compensate for zoom lenses with external zooming barrels and higher magnifi cation ratios, and it will work with both lens and sensor stabilisation systems. It is designed for easy setup and use, with a joystick to help frame the shot and a focus wheel that can be mounted either side of the handle. There is also a DJI Ronin mobile app, which allows users to create complex camera moves, including Timelapse and timed rotations. It can even pull focus on some cameras, such as Panasonic’s GH5. It can be used with DJI’s vehicle mount and dual- handle system, and with DJI’s latest control systems: the nicely crafted Master Wheels cinematic controller, which will feel familiar for fi lm crews; and Force Pro, which will allow a second operator to help control the Ronin-S using its motion sensors for highly intuitive movement. 12.G64, 0.C03 Six-bay array on display OWC By Erica Basnicki The recently released ThunderBay 6 desktop drive from OWC is being featured on the company’s stand at IBC. ThunderBay 6 provides Thunderbolt 3 technology and sizeable storage in a desktop enclosure. It is designed for production companies, editors and photographers requiring substantial amounts of storage for their projects and creations. ThunderBay 6 can accommodate over 500TB of storage Paired with the latest version of OWC’s proprietary SoftRAID engine supporting APFS and encryption, ThunderBay 6 combines hardware and software into a robust RAID-ready solution, claims the company. ThunderBay 6 features six bays in its array for 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives. It can be populated with drives from 24TB up to 84TB. Flexible storage space can be added with an optional NVMe SSD in addition to the six bays. It has a 3mm thick aluminium enclosure with jam-free lockable front door, as well as a low RPM fan to manage cooling and specialised non-skid drive feet to reduce vibration and noise. 3.C31 I #IBC2018 New hybrid satellite- OTT delivery solution Eutelsat By Ian McMurray Announced a week before IBC opened its doors, Eutelsat Cirrus is a hybrid satellite- OTT delivery solution. According to Eutelsat, it is designed to help TV operators better respond to viewers’ expectation for a fl exible, seamless content experience across multiple screens. The company claims Eutelsat Cirrus will reduce the technical and logistical challenges faced by satellite TV operators seeking to launch or upgrade their service off er. They will, it claims, benefi t from rapidly deployed video services, at a low operational cost, with the highest image quality and a consistent end-user experience. Through a dual off er of turnkey direct-to- home services and OTT multiscreen delivery, the new service was developed to allow Eutelsat to further pursue the integration of satellite into the IP ecosystem. Gerry O’Sullivan, executive vice president, global TV and video, Eutelsat, said: “Eutelsat Cirrus will take us further into the video value chain, O’Sullivan: “Cirrus will allow customers to have the best of both worlds” which is at the core of our business. It will allow customers to have the best of both worlds, combining the effi ciency and reach of satellite with the convenience of OTT. This new hybrid solution will be designed to overcome the challenges inherent in building a content distribution business. It will free up content providers to focus on content and subscribers.” 1.D59 Cine lens ranges expanded Daiwa/Tokina By David Fox Tokina has added two new lenses to its cine ranges: the 11-20mm T2.9 Cinema ATX zoom and the full-frame 105mm T1.5 Vista Prime. The 11-20mm is based on an existing Tokina photographic lens. It is being introduced to build on the popularity of Tokina’s 11-16mm Cinema ATX, to cover APS-C and Super35 sensors. However, the 11-20mm is apparently optically sup \[܈BLKLM[H[[[B\][ۜ[H^H\Ž]Z[[X[X][˜[HH\و[\LK][\[ [HZ]XB܈ۙH[[X[ܚ˂\Y[Z[[\][HوX\XB KH\H[YH[\[\Y[H L [[H[H^\[[K]\وBN  K K L[ [[B[\ˈ^Hݙ\[[XYB\Hو [KX\][ Y[YH [[K\U\[ۈ[HYYۈ^H]BHXYH\\܂[YZ[\BZ[YYٙ\8'\BX\[[XYH\X\XܛH\\[x'H]\\XHYH[]HYHX^[][B\\\Hو KKH][•YKX[HN&\] LKL H[[XHU[š\Z[YYHH\\[[YH L [[H[Y]][Y ][X] L [ZH[B\H[Y\[YH[ [ۈQZXܛ\\˜[۞HH[[˂LL