IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 91

 Wimbledon serves up wireless innovations Broadcast RF By David Fox Coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championships this year was produced by a new in-house host broadcaster: Wimbledon Broadcasting Services (WBS), for whom Broadcast RF provided a wireless camera network that included a receive infrastructure of 36 antennas spread over the site, plus a couple of innovations. One new option was to allow broadcasters to have a roving monitor so that presenters could more easily commentate on VT clips. Previously, there was a single transmit position on the roof of the Broadcast Centre for this, but it couldn’t achieve site- wide coverage because of the height of the bigger courts. This year, Broadcast RF developed a new system that allowed it to put four transmit positions in place for coverage anywhere on site. This was a very hands-off system designed to be operated by non-technical staff and to work without any intervention. The same frequencies were used for all four transmitters so that the monitor was always switched on. The other innovation for Wimbledon 2018 was that Centre Court coverage was in UHD and high dynamic range (HDR), although being Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), the HDR was less of a challenge. Nick Fuller, project manager, Broadcast RF, explained: “Unlike MCAS services further developed Fastcom Technology By Ian McMurray IBC provides the opportunity for Fastcom Technology to talk to visitors about how it is further developing its MCAS services for authority licensing services. MCAS is now said to be compatible with most of the security vendors for pay-TV and distributed media applications. According to the company, MCAS services allow for fl exible and rock- solid security solutions for connected devices such as set-top boxes (STBs). It is described as a complete platform to generate, host and manage the whole life cycle of keys and credentials that are at the core of security solutions. Fastcom says that thanks to MCAS, the operator keeps direct control over the STBs deployed in the fi eld, while preserving the security level of vendors’ proprietary security solutions such as CAS, DRM and SSL. MCAS is said to empower the operator to freely choose the applications, middleware and security solutions for its STBs. If required, a multi-vendor approach is also possible as well as multiple chain security. Updates and changes are possible at any time for a minimum cost, even when the STBs are already deployed in the fi eld. All data encompassed in MCAS are subject to Swiss law, which Fastcom notes provides an additional data protection. 1.A06 Workfl ow for multiplatform news Wolftech Broadcast Solutions guide an idea for a story through the entire process to multiplatform publishing. By Mark Hallinger The system is web-based and built with a focus on Wolftech News, a workfl ow collaboration, ease-of-use management system and accessibility from all focused on streamlining devices. news production, is on Arne Berven, CEO show at IBC. Wolftech says of Wolftech Broadcast the system is designed to Solutions, said: “We take a diff erent approach than the traditional newsroom systems. Our focus is on planning, allowing the whole organisation to collaborate.” Berven added that the approach seeks to tear down the walls which sometime exist between digital and the various shows Web-based: The system is built with a focus on and offi ces. Wolftech collaboration and accessibility from all devices News features an integration platform to ease interactions with existing systems such as rundown, HR, booking, webcams, MAM and so on. It has its own rundown module as well, and rollout can be taken step-by-step, allowing a customer to start working with a modern workfl ow on its own schedule. The system is able to handle requests for tasks, such as graphics, as well as booking of personnel and equipment. Incoming feeds from social media, offi cial sources, mail and video cloud services, and others are aggregated in the system, and a custom-built integration and workfl ow engine handles the fl ow of video and other content. 8.D10 Court appearance: Broadcast RF provided wireless camera connections for WBS other fl avours of HDR, there is no metadata required. We just have to make sure that we can pass the HLG through. In RF terms, the fundamental operation is the same, although clearly more bandwidth is required.” 11.D12 European debut for timed-text platform PlayBox Technology EU (PBT EU) By Steve Fairclough The European premiere of PlayBox Technology EU’s Timed-Text hybrid platform NEXT-TT is at IBC2018. It features two distinct elements that work together as a single, unifi ed platform: Limitless Advanced Powerful and Intelligent System (LAPIS) and the timed-text subtitling software application SubtitleNEXT. The fusion enables fast and effi cient generation of managing timed-text, dubbing and localisation services of any type of content, claims the company. It also allows for the managing of teams of translators, audiovisual professionals and creative freelancers. The company claims it provides an ‘ultra- secure and super-fast private workspace, toolsets and workfl ows for ensuring quality’. NEXT-TT is aimed at giving users greater freedom of choice in how they work with desktop or cloud applications but both SubtitleNEXT and LAPIS can also be used separately, thus off ering fl exibility to subtitle operators. NEXT-TT is designed for personal and professional use. It adapts to any settings and resolution, and supports a large range of formats, ranging from online and immersive video and fi lm/ TV to concerts, conferences and events. It can be applied throughout the entire video production process from concept to distribution. LAPIS is a central hub that manages complex processes, tasks, video, audio, text, user access, security and safeguards confi dential material. It has the ability to access and search data across many providers, such as YouTube, internal media asset storage systems, stock image libraries and customer relationship databases. 9.LP35 SubtitleNEXT software, part of NEXT-TT, shown in desktop use