IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 88

     show.ibc.org I #IBC2018 Adapting to conditions for OTT Appear TV By Ian McMurray The Adaptive Bitrate Linear Packager (ABR) is part of Appear TV’s OTT software portfolio, and is being demonstrated on the company’s IBC stand. It is designed to provide diff erent resolutions and video streams depending on the type of device being used while maintaining quality video; to adapt video quality to changing network conditions dynamically; and to provide optimal user experience according to bandwidth. According to Appear TV, ABR is more than a packager, it is a powerful video segmentation engine that provides high- performance storage with internal and external options, just-in-time packager/DRM engine, origin server and optional offl ine encoding/ transcoding. The software complements an encoder to produce streamable content and can adapt to varying workfl ows without aff ecting the end user. Geir Ertzaas, R&D manager at Appear TV, said: “ABR is a dynamic solution for large-scale broadcast networks and channels, and cable operators that require the ability to adapt to diff erent workfl ows. Appear’s ABR Packager provides the right kind of video for a particular device through alternating or diff ering bandwidth constraints. This device saves on storage since the content itself is saved in an agnostic mezzanine format – therefore, all reformatting and packaging is done on the fl y and can thus easily target multiple specifi c device requirements with no storage overhead.” Ertzaas: “ABR is a dynamic solution for large-scale broadcast networks and channels” 1.C61 The Evolution of full-colour LEDs A fast-growing platform Thelight-Velvet Panda o.s. Velvety soft: The new Evo 2 Colour 2x1 panel light By David Fox By Erica Basnicki The new lightweight Velvet Light Evo 2 Colour is a 200W LED RGBWW fi xture. It uses a combination of fi ve types of LED (red, green, blue, warm white/amber and cool white), which are claimed to extend the colour possibilities over RGBW technology, because it can produce a more natural white light and richer colours. Colour fi lters can also be added to any colour temperature, to give them more output. A white inner refl ector focuses the light from each LED onto the front diff user to give a uniform, soft natural light, whether in white or any colour. The light has Panda o.s.is demonstrating its cloud-based online video platform Bamboo at IBC. According to the company, Bamboo is quick, light, fl exible and modular, closing the gap between video and content. The Bamboo suite of products currently includes Bamboo OTT, a mobile suite for iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku and more. Bamboo allows users to easily launch their own OTT subscription or pay-per- view video portal. Bamboo Live is directed at broadcasters, content providers, event organisers a TLCI rating of 97+ across the colour temperature range (2500K to 9900K) and deliv \L ^] [H XHB]]وHܚY[[[] K]\HX[H[Hو LMpXZH]X\Y\ܚ] H H] \[\›ۈZ]\YK]HX\[H][[Z[][HH\›YZY H[T MY\ٝ\H\]YY[]Y[œX\Hۈ\^H܂H; H[YH]P̌ N HX\[[\HY\] X[Y\H\HY\•\]\H\[x&\›Y]\T[Z]\[Y\][HقKPܜX]ZX; H ]][B\ܝX˜[و\ˌKZ]XB܈[ۚ]ܚ[˜[[Z][‘H][“[ܙHXΈHY\][]][H\ܝYX[X[و\ ˌKZ]XH܈[ۚ]ܚ[[[Z][H][YX[X[[YBX[[YKX]\ًHY[\[ۂ\T LH\ًH[]ٙ\QH۝XH[S[[Y\[]܈X\\H\‘V TH۝XH K\[]\][[Y[Y[\[\[ۋX\۝[[ \H\[B[[[]\H]KLL\\\]\BY\][[YB[Y][ۘ[[\[; ^XB][[ۜ܈\B[H\ܝ\Z[™ZY[H[[\[X[Y[][ۜBXZ܈۝[X\˂KPܜX[H\]Y[H ˌH[ ˌKKB[\X]Y; H\ٙ[H [Y][ۈH^\[\[˜[ KH\ܝ H[]][B[H ˌH[ ˌKX[H]Y[YؙH[Y[[\[\XXK M[XΈ^XH[[[\[ܝܙ[\][ۜ[[Y\]H[[X[Y[Y[ ۝[X[Y[Y[ TœY[[[[[ZX˜Y][˂[X][\\X\][H[ۚ]܂Y[[[]XXܚX\][\YK[\\\][\ܝ˜\H][ˈ]\Y[\Y܈ܝ]\[ \[H\ܘY[B[XYYH]^Y\X[\Y[\[[[[ܙK[[K[XT™]\\\[T›X[Y[Y[]\BX]\\[[B][۝[\[[X&\\H]˜\˂ːM