IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 83

  Go cloud and turn live broadcast on its head Live broadcasting has long been the fiefdom of large TV networks with deep pockets. Be it content licensing or setting up elaborate on- premises infrastructure, the cost-prohibitive nature and complexities of live broadcasting have limited the play – both in terms of breadth of events coverage and the number of broadcasters with live broadcast expertise. Now, however, mid- tier TV networks and new-age ‘digital first’ media companies are demonstrating more appetite for live broadcasting across sports, news and reality entertainment shows. If we made live broadcasting less complex and cost-effective, we could expect to see more events coverage leading to increased revenues and enhanced viewership. For example, what if we were able to spin up short-duration channels to broadcast simultaneously the initial rounds of tennis matches at Wimbledon? Can advancements in cloud technologies lead the way forward? If you look back to IBC in 2013 and 2014, Amagi was among the very few providers of cloud-based platforms for broadcast. Today, it’s hard to find a provider who hasn’t added cloud-based solutions to their portfolio. Even with such a dramatic change, the adoption of cloud technologies for live broadcast has been fraught with concerns related to latency, frame-accurate switch in/out and reliability. This IBC, continuing on the innovation path, Amagi unveils Blizzard, a ground- breaking cloud solution that alleviates such concerns. Blizzard is a centralised, on-demand, broadcast- grade live events orchestration service platform. By moving the entire live orchestration to the cloud, Amagi makes live broadcasting simpler and cost-effective yet delivering the same on- premises superlative content experience for the viewers. Sitting directly before playout in the broadcast workflow, Amagi Blizzard ingests onto the cloud multiple input streams – including audio/ commentary, video streams and graphics keys – from multiple sources anywhere in the world. It then makes them available to a remote human operator through a web browser interface, with no on-site infrastructure needs for managing the event. Operators are then able to prepare event run- downs offline and during the event signal ad breaks, add commercial/score- card graphics and use rich metadata for ad-insertion, editing and for upstream usage. The system natively supports ganging of multiple playouts to access the same event and the operator actions and have different pre-determined actions. The entire cloud service is optimised for end-to-end low latency and ensures frame-accurate signalling of ad breaks and graphics insertion actions. Further, Bundles of audio joy Nugen Audio By Mark Hallinger Nugen Audio is showing its postproduction bundles for the first time at IBC. Jon Schorah, founder and creative director, Nugen Audio, said: “The bundles were designed to deliver our intuitive algorithms in unique combinations tailored to specific projects and workflow Big audio: Surround Suite complements multichannel workflows needs. IBC is a great place for us to showcase these new bundles and we look forward to hearing the feedback from industry professionals.” The bundles for post include Loudness Toolkit, which features the DynApt extension for LM-Correct. DynApt is standard for all Deepakjit Singh, chief executive, Amagi Blizzard can be configured to offer high redundancy that prevents any blackouts. Blizzard can connect not only to broadcast playout but also to server-side ad- insertion platforms such as Amagi Thunderstorm, among others. This enables content owners to plug-in mid-roll ads on their live events on online platforms, allowing for better content monetisation. Combining live orchestration capabilities new customers and upgrade options are available for existing users. LM-Correct works in concert alongside Nugen’s VisLM and ISL to deliver high quality and workflow efficiency in loudness matters. A new toolset called Surround Suite includes Halo Upmix, Halo Downmix, ISL surround limiter and SEQ-S surround match & morph corrective spline EQ. From stereo to 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos 7.1.2, Auro 3D and Ambisonic output, the new surround suite can with cloud playout solutions like Amagi Cloudport, broadcasters will be able to spin-up live channels for a short duration and bring them down once the live event has passed. This radically increases live coverage of simultaneous events, improves viewer experience and creates additional ad revenue opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist. 2.B19 complement multichannel workflows. Nugen Post is a collection of 11 plug-ins for high-quality broadcast, film and game audio production. Containing a complete loudness solution, including True Peak limiting, leading upmix and downmix tools, a comprehensive audio analysis suite, transparent auto-match EQ and three stereo control plug-ins, Nugen Post delivers essential post-production tools used by leading facilities, according to Nugen. 8.D56