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    show.ibc.org Competitive entrant to RGBW LED market I #IBC2018 Secure, reliable IP data GatesAir By Mark Hallinger Lupo By David Fox The new Lupo Superpanel Full Colour 30 is the company’s fi rst RGBW panel, producing colour temperature tuneable whites from 2800K to 10,000K with green and magenta adjustments, plus a full range of colours, with full control over hue, saturation and intensity of all colours. The 3.7kg 1x1 (30x30cm) panel is competitively priced (£1150/€1300) and has a TLCI rating of better than 98 across the colour temperatures. The 200W unit can be powered using a standard 14.8v battery (13-28v DC input) or mains – many RGBW lights require at least 24v power. It outputs 3800 lux at 1m at 5600K. It also includes a collection of preset fi lters and special eff ects modes, such as police lights, 0-100% dimming (with a variety of dimming curves available), and full DMX control. It is available with a pole bracket for use in television studios. 12.E51 IBC is the European debut of Intraplex IPConnect, a standalone hardware device with integrated IPConnect software for reliable, secure data transport. Previously available only as an option for GatesAir’s IP Link audio codecs, the new standalone device provides reliability and security for virtually all types of IP data. This includes those from IP audio codecs, DAB radio/HD radio streams and web or SNMP-based remote-control applications. The device can be used Little big box: The standalone device provides security for virtually all types of IP data as an IP gateway or a LAN bridge to provide point-to- point (STL, studio-to-studio, remote contribution) and point-to-multipoint (SFNs, DAB/DAB+ networks, content syndication) connections. IPConnect fortifi es data transport across IP networks by minimising data loss associated with dropped packets, employing a combination of packet protection schemes with network/time diversity and packet-level forward error correction. Keyur Parikh, VP and general manager, Intraplex solutions, said: “As broadcasters gradually transition from legacy TDM networking solutions and towards IP, there is a greater urgency to strengthen transport reliability and network security.” 8.D60 Satellite services for broadcasters Russian Satellite Communications Company By Ian McMurray Red, green and blue: Lupo’s new Superpanel Full Colour 30 Personalised production process Annova By Erica Basnicki feeds, events and raw materials via personalised boards built from a large palette of widgets. It enables users to plan for various formats (mobile, online, TV, radio and more), assign stories, tasks and deployments to each member of the production team. Third-party editors can be integrated via web widgets to produce content without leaving the NewsBoard user interface. This includes audio, video, image editors, web CMS, HTML5 editors, TV and radio multimedia scripts with prompter text. The latest version of NewsBoard is being showcased at Annova’s stand at IBC2018. NewsBoard v1.0 is part of Annova’s planning and newsroom computer system OpenMedia. With metadata-driven workfl ows and a customisable and open widget architecture, NewsBoard provides a unifi ed web-based user interface for journalists and editorial 3.B36 teams, helping to organise the story production process, claims Annova. With NewsBoard users can research through a wide variety of social media platforms, news agencies Research, produce and distribute, all and wires, RSS within the NewsBoard UI With available capacity of its multifunctional spacecraft Express-AM5, -AM6, -AM7, -AM8 and -AM44, the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) is at IBC to discuss the satellite solutions it can off er the media industry, especially broadcasters. RSCC is a Russian satellite operator with global coverage, providing what it says is a full range RSCC operates a fl eet of 12 satellites of communications and broadcasting services via its own fl eet of 12 satellites, supported by its terrestrial infrastructure. These services include video distribution and contribution, DTH services, presidential and government applications, broadband access and internet, IP trunking and cellular backhaul, as well as mobility solutions for vessels and others. RSCC satellites are positioned along a geostationary orbit from 14°W up to 145°E, covering the entire territory of Russia, CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacifi c region, North and South America and Australia. 1.B31 Addressing content storage challenges Masstech Innovations By Carolyn Giardina Cloud and hybrid storage technologies is the focus for Masstech this year at IBC. Joe French, CEO at Masstech, said the company is addressing storage that’s “not driven by any requirement to sell specifi c hardware or consumables. In fact, we are inviting visitors to our stand to fi nd out how they can even reduce their storage hardware requirements and reclaim some of their IT footprint by embracing hybrid technologies.” Demonstrations centre on FlashNet, Masstech’s media object storage application that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid confi guration. The company says that FlashNet integrates with MAM, PAM, NRCS, automation, video server and library systems. MassStore, Masstech’s media services framework, is also on display. 7.C55