IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 72

    show.ibc.org Colourful sequel to the Matrix AV-Leader By David Fox By Mark Hallinger Fiilex has released two new LED lighting fi xtures: the Matrix II RGBW and the Matrix II Tunable White. Both share the same form factor, but the RGBW version off ers full colour control and is Fiilex’s fi rst fi xture to off er full RGB lighting. The Matrix II RGBW has four control modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW and Gel Presets. Its Dense Matrix LEDs boast multi- wavelength colour groups. Where other manufacturers use single chips in their array to represent a hue range, Fiilex has designed its array with multiple custom chips covering a specifi c hue. Each chip outputs a specifi c portion of the hue wavelength so that when combined it produces a broader and deeper range of hue than other fi xtures. The 340W fi xtures use The AVL773 is a stereo camera mount microphone designed for use with any of today’s DSLR or mobile video cameras with a standard 1/8-inch stereo mic input. An integrated low frequency roll-off switch off ers increased intelligibility and reduced handling noise in loud environments four Dense Matrix LED clusters set into a custom- designed refl ecting chamber and enclosed by a layer of diff usion. Additional optics and accessories can reshape the fi xture’s illumination, including Lightbanks from Chimera or DoPChoice when using the speed ring accessory. It can also be used as a front-focused light with an optional Quad Fresnel, which increases beam intensity by 3 times. The Matrix II is available in two models. The $2495 Matrix II Tunable White and the $2995 RGBW model both have an improved mechanical design, smoother dimming down to 0%, magenta/green hue adjustment, and tuneable CCT (2800-6500K and 2800- 10,000K respectively). The housing of each Matrix II fi xture is constructed of high-grade aluminium along with ruggedised rubber at the impact points, making them extremely hard-wearing and shock-resistant. 12.B75 #IBC2018 Stereo mic ready to roll Fiilex II choices: The Matrix II duo embrace the same form factor I On camera: The mic mounts on the camera and is powered by a AAA battery and for when the camera is recording in motion. A 0/-10dB pad switch allows the microphone input to be reduced in high volume locations, reducing the possibility of clipping or overloading the camera audio input. The AVL773 uses a single standard AAA battery for power, ensuring the microphone does not draw on the camera’s battery, or decrease recording time. 8.C04