IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 70

    show.ibc.org I #IBC2018 Mixing and matching the colour of light DMG Lumiere by Rosco By David Fox A new level of colour matching is promised by DMG’s new Mix line of RGGBWW LED lighting fi xtures. The Mix models use six types of LED: red, lime, green, blue, white (daylight) and amber – the last a lukewarm white at 4400K, which DMG maintains gives added punch compared to the more traditional 3200K. Most rivals in the true-colour LED market use four-chip RGBW or fi ve-chip RGBWW designs. The result is that “Mix provides the best Rosco gel matches of any colour-mixing LED source”, according to the company. “Other LED lights claim to create Rosco gel matches and, in some cases, they’re successful at it. There are some colours, however, that those lights just can’t make – usually because they’re limited by the colour space of their LEDs.” Its whites Intelligent audio processing HHB By Mark Hallinger HHB is showcasing the newly released iZotope RX 7 product for audio repair. iZotope claims this Repair: The new software has several modules for repairing and adjusting audio range in colour temperature from 1700K to 10,000K. MyMix control software can automatically set a base colour temperature of a Mix model to accurately match other units on set. MyMix can also store presets, templates and full lighting designs and allows for online collaboration. As well as choosing from Rosco Gel colours, a colour picker helps recreate colours from a photograph. The range will come in three version marks the latest in intelligent audio processing with features like Repair Assistant and Music Rebalance. Repair Assistant is new assistive audio technology that helps users analyse audio and provides three solutions to correct common problems, while helping experienced engineers fi x problems faster. Mixed with added lime: The new DMG Mix LED light sizes: the 100W 2.56kg Mini Mix; the 200W 4.18kg SL1 Mix; and the Maxi Mix. All are built from aluminium and feature fanless cooling. 12.E37 Music Rebalance is a new feature that gives users the ability to adjust the balance of vocals, bass, percussion and other instruments within a mix. Other features include Variable Time and Variable Pitch, which allow for time to be altered independent of pitch, or for pitch to be altered independent of time. Multichannel support lets users easily edit one channel, multiple channels, or all channels of audio up to 7.1.2. The Dialogue Contour module can improve a performance of a line or create a new performance by combining multiple takes/clips and adjusting the intonation. 8.D56