IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 65

 UHD Core unveiled Lawo By Mark Hallinger The UHD Core is a network- based, software-defi ned audio DSP engine with extremely high processing density that elevates existing Lawo mc 2 56 (mkII and mkIII) and mc 2 96 consoles to the next level, claims the company. Utilising the IP network as an extension of the console core’s backplane, Lawo’s UHD Core can be located anywhere on the network. It off ers ultra- high processing density with more than 1000 mc 2 fully featured DSP channels. This can be utilised by a single mc 2 console for coping with a very challenging production, or it can be shared among up to four consoles. Due to a fl exible licensing model the UHD Core is ideal for both mobile applications and facility use, claims Lawo. The UHD Core features Future-proof: The UHD Core’s functionally is software defi ned with a feature set designed for expansion low-noise cooling. Eight independent 1GbE- and 10GbE- capable network interfaces enable the use of redundant networks via ST2022-7 seamless protection switching. For management the unit provides two redundant RJ45 1GbE TriStar 6 light off ers unbroken promises Aspectra By David Fox The TriStar 6 is a multipurpose, bi-colour 15W SMD LED light that is claimed to be ‘virtually unbreakable’. The light has 240 extra-bright surface- Camera mountable: The new TriStar 6 multipurpose LED light management ports. In addition, full hardware redundancy is achieved by a second hot spare unit which permanently mirrors all settings. The system latency is comparable with conventional architectures connected via the backplane: a high- mount device LEDs with tuneable colour temperature from tungsten (3200K) to daylight (5600K), with 100- 10% dimming control and a 120° beam angle. The 400g 20.5x12x5cm light is suitable for on-camera use and it off ers the option to power it via a D-Tap cable (included) from the camera performance Ravenna profi le provides network roundtrip latency in the sub-millisecond range, while the processing power and speed of the UHD core outperforms the processing latency of multiple DSP devices. 8.B50 battery, or it can be used in a traditional multi-light light stand set up, fi tted with the detachable metal barn door and diff usion fi lters (included). It can also be powered by Sony NP-F, Panasonic AG-VBR or Canon LP-E6 batteries and comes with the appropriate brackets. 12.B30