IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 53

 Plug-on recording for XLRs Saramonic/DSQN By Mark Hallinger On show from Saramonic is the SR-VRM1 digital plug-on Reel Power off ers real power Hawk-Woods By David Fox Arri’s new Alexa LF large- format camera requires a minimum of 19.5v DC input. This means either using large 24v block batteries, or Hawk- Woods’ 26v Reel Power models, which are the fi rst batteries to be approved for use with the Alexa LF. To match the Stewart with the RP-250N, which is approved for use with Arri’s Alexa LF requirements of the LF, Hawk-Woods has introduced two new Reel Power models, the RP-250N and RP-350N, off ering 250Wh and 350Wh respectively. Its 200Wh version is also LF approved. However, if you use the LF with Arri’s Trinity stabilisation system, you might have to use the RP-150H, which is small enough to give suffi cient clearance to work in the rig. Hawk-Woods also has a choice of four battery plates for the LF, a direct fi tting that has two 3-pin Fischer 24v outputs and two D-Tap 12v, or a selection of 15mm rail adaptors with various mixes of Fischer, D-Tap, Lemo or XLR connectors. 12.A73 linear PCM recorder for XLR microphones. It provides 48v phantom power, connects directly to an XLR microphone, and is capable of recording 24-bit/48kHz wav audio fi les Compact PCM records to XLR on to a micro SDHC card. The lightweight unit is capable of recording for up to eight hours on one set of two AA batteries, while a 32GB memory card can store up to 60 hours of audio recorded at maximum quality, or up to 180 hours of audio recorded at 16-bit/24kHz. The SR-VRM1 features an ‘easy-to-read’ menu display, audio volume control and a selectable low-cut fi lter, and 3.5mm headphone output for monitoring recording. 8.B20