IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 52

     show.ibc.org I #IBC2018   IP: delivering tangible benefi ts worldwide Momentum is building worldwide for IP adoption, and we’re seeing major system installations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. This is especially impressive considering the SMPTE ST 2110 standard has not even reached its one-year anniversary of publication. Operations everywhere are recognising the key benefi ts of IP, such as much greater systems scalability than was ever possible with SDI, the ability to build Ultra HD and high dynamic range (HDR) systems without having to compromise on signal counts, and the ability to share resources to improve equipment utilisation. We are still early in the adoption curve but we expect the number of IP installs to grow steadily as the early adopters begin to reap the above benefi ts. Outside broadcasting is one area in which IP is having a powerful impact. Companies such as NEP, Game Creek, Arena TV, Timeline TV and many others are building trucks that can support just as many cameras and production switcher I/Os as traditional HD trucks, but with an infrastructure capable of UHD and HDR broadcasting. This is a big win from a business perspective because it means the same truck can be hired for either HD or UHD events, increasing utilisation. Additionally, facilities are able to provide production creatives with easier access to the signals they need. The installation of an IP- based set-up for coverage of the Wimbledon tennis Championships earlier this year is a great example. In the case of Wimbledon, NEP, working with the host broadcaster Wimbledon Broadcast Services, used IP technologies to create the equivalent of a 3000x3000 router, which meant anyone could call up any signal needed from any of the courts. This simply would not have been possible with SDI. With SDI, signals would have had to be carefully selected and delivered via SDI router tie-lines. In this example, an additional benefi t of IP is that the system is also able to support UHD production without requiring a separate routing infrastructure. Our key message for IBC is that IP is delivering tangible benefi ts worldwide. Not only will we demonstrate many of those benefi ts using equipment from at least 60 vendors, but we will present information from a representative number of installations, both in wall display and in theatre demonstrations, that give further insight into why people are moving to IP-based systems. An important goal of the IP Showcase is education. Whether you are just dipping your toe in the water with IP or have an Heights Networking Platform extended Comtech By Ian McMurray Being demonstrated on the Comtech stand is an extension to the company’s Heights Networking Platform portfolio. On show are three new Remote Gateways, which include both indoor and outdoor models. The off erings are designed to provide customers with targeted Heights and Single [[\\Y\ B][ۜY\X{ H›X\]YY[XB[]]X[Y]\˜\H\[H][]B[][X][ۜ[][]KXܙ[]X H T\[[H]]^BH[[H]]^\[XHU\[\H[[KX\Y]\\Y\H; ^X[]BH]Y[X[HUۛX]]B]\]H[ۂ[[YH[KݚY\]\H\][›ZY ]Y\U\X\܈][Y\\]B[\HX[\]ܚ˜[][\HH[H]XH][[H۝\BYH[ ]\[›[Hو\][ۈX[HU\][ۈ]][[\\KH T\[[B]]^H\ZY›ٙ\; ^X[]H܂]\H\X][ۜ˂[Y][ۈB]XY XܙH[\ۘ\\܋][ܜܘ]\[[ۘ[[H\\]\ٙY\]][ۘ[H[[]B\[ݚYHH][ۂ\Hܙ[X[\ B\H\X][ۜ[\YKH]܈[] JKH T\SH[[B]]^H[H TBH[[H]]^K[œ\XHݚY\[[\\[ݙHH[\HU\[H۝[[[H[]^HH[\ۛY[[B۝Y[\˂K ZXY[ܛۚ\Z\[X[H܈TYYXH][ۜ RSTBX]H\[ BT\HX]H[X]\HH\و\[ۜ˜Z[YY][ܙX\[[\ۛYH[\Z[[B]H[HYY܂X\˂H^\\X[HT\H]P̌ N\N]Y[[[Y\[”Y]H QTK[X[H܂TYYXH][ۜ RSTKY[YYYXHܚ \X][ۈ SUJK]\X[Y\[•[[ۈ PJKY]Hق[[ۈX\H[[]\[ۂ[[Y\ TJK[Y[\X\ܝ[H ъKT\H LL L B]]X][][Y]Y]H[\YX[HX\[[\ۈ܈H; H[YH[]\H]PX\]B]\Y\RH܈Y[Yܞ][[[\]Y[]\K\X[\H[ܝ\X][ۜˈXܙ[•YX[ H]H][ٝ\B[X\[[H[SB\ܝ[]]X]YܞKB[[ˈ]]\Y\RH[ݚY\[\]X[]H]^\[SH\[\BU[SK\[HYX[Y]Y]B[[KX\]B]]X]\›YYXB[\ܙX][ۈ[\X][ۋ[Y[X[YYXH]\˂Hٝ\H\\XBو]]X][H][Y]Y]H[\\˜[ܙX][HX[ۂ[\ۛY[܈X[\X[Y[][KX[Y\H[][K][YHYYݚY[›][\K[[[[\]BX\\[\ܚX[\]\]H][[]]X]X[H[\][šYY[[]\[[HY][]ܛ\˜[X[]ܚ˂ B\HX\XYNRH[PSBXZHH\X\