IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 49

  Empowering customers to create, manage and deliver Our industry is in an exciting transition period. The ability to make fast and smart decisions to capitalise on the promise of its future will undoubtedly set the winners apart. IBC2018 will make it clear which companies have been successfully navigating today’s changing media landscape. With the explosion of online video, broadcasters and media companies are making significant strides to move away from a purely linear approach to content creation and delivery with launches of their own next- generation services that address consumer demand for media anytime, anywhere and on multiple screens. This, however, brings its own challenges. Not only will these players have to deliver better pictures to more devices, in different formats and over limited bandwidth, but they will have to do so with reduced budgets in the wake of rising costs and new competition. Our broadcast, content creation and production customers are responding by seeking ways to improve efficiency, leveraging emerging technologies like virtualisation, IP, machine learning and automation. From consolidating their operations to mergers and acquisitions, the drive towards more profitable and sustainable business models is happening at a record pace. The recent SAM acquisition by Grass Valley and the integration of the two product portfolios has equipped us to help our customers harness evolving market opportunities and the power of the cloud and IP. Working with a partner that invests in innovation, deepens customer connections and can demonstrate a solid business plan is another critical way to stay ahead of the curve. Thanks to the backing of Belden, we can offer exactly this, enabling us to be the business transformation partner that our customers can trust to lead them through exciting times ahead. Looking to the future, I expect the market will seek more options for remote and virtual production that decrease cost and increase efficiency. Many of today’s on- premise tasks are well-suited to the cloud, which can help our customers reduce their upfront cash outlay and increase their financial flexibility. Efficiency is the key to remaining competitive as the pressure to deliver content to a variety of devices increases. By working with a single supplier, broadcasters and content creators can focus on the business of creating and monetising their content without worrying about the complexity of a multi- vendor solution, and multiple touchpoints for service and support. The right supplier relationship will be key to finding success in the evolving broadcast market. Microservice-based production technology EVS By Mark Hallinger IBC2018 is the first European demonstration of the EVS VIA platform, which forms the foundation of the company’s latest products. Built on three pillars, VIA is designed on a microservice- based architecture to deliver faster, more effective live productions. VIA Flow uses modular services to allow content producers to create customised workflows, as seen on an EVS stand demo of VIA Flow Monitoring. The company claims this new service is perfect for multisite production workflows at an offside line – for enhanced big events as it provides a VAR operations. transparent and instant view of The third technology pillar production tasks, as well as the – VIA Opengate – features a monitoring of file exchanges centralised API which allows between production sites. for the easy integration The AI capabilities of VIA of third-party developed Mind have most recently functions. been seen in the Xeebra video 8.B90 refereeing system where it’s used to automatically calibrate coverage of a football field with no additional cameras. Also demonstrated on stand, this information is used for the addition of In the mix: The VIA platform is integrated within EVS’ newest products graphics – such as Tim Shoulders, president, Grass Valley, a Belden brand IBC2018 will see us demonstrate how we empower our customers to create, manage and deliver compelling and immersive content – wherever they are in the world – through the widest selection of technologies and solutions that integrate easily and reduce complexity. New to IBC, visitors will see how our expertise and experience in the broadcast space is enabling us to deliver solutions that meet the needs of new sectors, such as eSports. We have a very exciting demo on our stand that highlights this in a big, bold way. 9.A01 Making connections Meeting the demanding requirements of the sport production and distribution industry Canare By Anne Morris Video and audio cable manufacturer Canare is using IBC to showcase its 12G connectivity solutions that are designed to transport 4K UHD TV. Canare is demonstrating its entire range of new 12G products including two types of patchbays, BNCs and HD- BNCs. The company says all its products have enhanced attenuation characteristics that allow the transport of 12G signals at much greater distances than comparable products. It adds that its 12G cables and BNC connectors employ several features and technologies to meet the demanding requirements of the sport production and distribution industry. The company also claims to be the only provider at present of complete connectivity solutions in the 12G standard. 10.B40