IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 36

     show.ibc.org I #IBC2018   Improving optical video distribution Optical transport is commonly done via dark fibre using a multitude of network structures. The configurations include, but are not limited to, point-to-point, ring net, star and combinations of all three. To improve optical video distribution, Norwia has developed the miniHUB concept. It was created with lots of different applications in mind and provides an offering that is optimised for flexibility and scalability. MiniHUB is a format- and application-flexible optical transport platform that can be used for a variety of video, audio and data standards. The standard features allow users to transport an increasing number of signals including analogue to ASI, SDI, HD, 3G and even 4K and data transport up to 10GigE. The miniHUB platform also supports optical transport of the newest IP standards: SMPTE ST 2022-6, ST 2022-7 and ST 2110. At IBC, visitors can see the new miniHUB- 1RU-8-2 which brings a lot of automated features to the market. These include: ultra-high frame density; automatic re-configuration of cards and auto-patching based on signal presence; and 2:1 optical change-over. Norwia’s AutoSFP technology plays an important role. It enables the system to identify the type of SFP that is installed. As soon as an SFP is installed, the card (re-)configures itself to support the SFP. Thus, the same card may be either an input, output or a combined input/output card. Each card supports two SFPs, up to four channels. Also at IBC is a range of HUBbox MkII products that can be added to the miniHUB optical transport platform. The HUBbox is devised for remote locations or as a standalone solution when just one or two signals are required. These signals can be brought directly back into the miniHUB system for conversion and monitoring at the central location. The HUBbox MkII is equipped with AutoSFP functionality, similar to miniHUB. In addition, dual Lars Erik Eriksen, chief technology officer, Norwia BNCs per channel have been added to the design, giving dual outputs or loop-trough. We believe that our new products will benefit optical transport. Visit us at IBC to find out more. 10.C10 Taking video in hand xG Scorecard makes worldwide debut Vimeo Imagine Communications By Anne Morris Mevo Plus, the pocket- sized live event camera from Vimeo, is on display during IBC with a number of enhancements and updates. Mevo Plus users are now able to stream their events instantly to more platforms than ever, with the ability to add any custom real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) destination. Since its launch last autumn, Mevo Plus has been more deeply integrated into the Vimeo ecosystem. The company says this allows a high-quality live experience and has brought about overall improvements to the audio quality, low-light sensitivity improvements, and an improved app UI. Additionally, Mevo Plus now has the ability to add full screen graphics, lower-thirds, corner logos and more – directly from the app. 14.G24 Pocket-sized live event camera comes with new enhancements By Ian McMurray Visitors to the Imagine Communications stand are exploring what the company describes as a unique portfolio of integrated inventory management and optimisation, data analytics and targeted delivery solutions designed to help media companies increase revenue and decrease costs across multichannel, multiplatform and multimarket operations. Highlights include the worldwide debut of xG Scorecard, a business intelligence solution designed to provide at-a- glance, real-time insights and precise knowledge of how spots drive sales for advertisers. The reporting tool – said to be the first of its kind – blends data xG Scorecard blends data to simplify trend discovery and spotting correlations from traditional sales and traffic systems, operational databases, ratings, clickstream and even social networks into a single view that can be customised to meet the needs of specific users. By bringing together data that is normally siloed, xG Scorecard is claimed to simplify the process of discovering trends and spotting correlations vital to growing a media company’s business. Also on show are the company’s latest offerings for live production, including high-capacity 100GbE network links, a live sports control panel that provides enhanced automation break manipulation, and SMPTE ST 2110-capable processing for HD, UHD and IP. Amtrium 4.A01