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03 WELCOME TO IBC2018 Michael Crimp, chief executive, IBC IBC has always been a focal point for the industry. It is the time of year when those of you who work in media, entertainment and technology around the world gather in Amsterdam to share ideas, showcase new technology and plot the course of this remarkable industry. The creation and delivery of content, to whatever device and on whichever platform, requires partnerships at all levels, and IBC is the perfect place for those collaborations to be incubated. The core of IBC remains the same; we know that you come to IBC seeking knowledge, and so you will find 15 exhibition halls full of the biggest and brightest companies in our industry and many areas in the conference and across the show where you can debate, share information and network with peers and colleagues. You are all familiar with technology trends that are shaping many of the conversations: acronyms and phrases such as UHD, HDR, IP, artificial intelligence, 5G and blockchain dominate discussions. But the real excitement comes when these technologies are put into action, and that is what you will witness and experience at IBC. The IBC Innovation Awards are a perfect example of this. They reward not pure technology, but the way that end users and technology partners work together to achieve a practical and satisfying solution to a real- world challenge. They include sport and news, multi- lingual production and multi-national delivery, new Continued from front page existed before – it’s an amazing time.” Speaking at the Global Gamechangers conference session ‘Creating Content for the Connected Generation’, Salmon said that in the fight for the attention of young audiences, forming partnerships with platforms where young viewers migrate was the way to build successful new media brands. Salmon pointed to the recent successful rebooting of a talent format Operación Triunfo for Spanish PSB RTVE. “We successfully remade Operación Triunfo in Spain for RTVE after a six-year gap with a 24/7 live stream on YouTube, and the help of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram promoting a series of live events. “The result was that the audience in the channel’s key youth demographic grew by 300%.” ways of engaging audiences and new business models to maximise revenues. I encourage you to attend the awards ceremony on Sunday evening to find out which organisations have triumphed. Just as the industry continues to advance at a rapid pace, we of course recognise that IBC must continue to evolve. This year, we have introduced the content steering group to help shape the agenda of the conference, with guest chair Channel 4 chief operating officer Keith Underwood and representatives from the most influential companies in broadcast and media providing guidance. They have helped our team to create six new conference tracks focusing on the most pressing challenges. They have also added new formats into the conference, like breakfast briefings and lounge talks. I’d like to extend my thanks to Keith and the content steering group for their valuable contributions. We have also launched the Telco & Media Innovation Forum, which takes place today. It will provide the perfect environment for senior industry representatives to consider telcos’ transition to digital players as they broaden their offerings by adding content assets and strike partnerships with content providers. IBC is also keen to help drive positive change in the industry and as a result has created a diversity steering group to help address diversity in the industry. Made up of key industry professionals, it has helped shape IBC’s diversity and inclusion policy and IBC’s code of conduct. As part of our charter of commitments I am delighted that this year we have managed to increase the number of female conference speakers from 14% to 30%. Last year, we celebrated our 50th anniversary by pausing for a moment to reflect on the great strides made by this industry over the years. Given the rapid rate of change it’s difficult to predict with any certainty what the next 10 or 20 – let alone 50 – years will look like, but IBC does give you a rare glimpse into the future. For an idea of what’s next I would urge everyone to visit the IBC Future Zone. This year we are collaborating with IABM on the Future Reality Theatre, which will present new ideas and spark the debate for change. The IBC team has worked hard to deliver a show full of innovative exhibitors who have packed the halls with new products and services, along with a conference programme that has drawn together some of the brightest and most influential industry leaders. I hope you get to experience as much of it as possible, and I wish you a successful and enjoyable IBC2018. Keith Underwood: “Distinctiveness can defeat scale” Conference While trillion dollar Goliaths Apple and Amazon may be ploughing billions into content, Channel 4’s COO Keith Underwood argued at IBC’s welcome opener that there would always be room for smaller companies which brought distinctiveness and innovation. Underwood told delegates: “Scale alone is not sufficient for success. 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