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Come and meet us at the Blackmagic Developer Support booth at IBC 2018! Build broadcast solutions that work with all SD, HD and Ultra HD video standards! Whether you are just starting to build solutions for broadcast, AV or live production or you are an experienced developer, Blackmagic Design provides the tools you need free of charge! Getting started is easy and all you need to do is download the SDK to start developing your own custom solutions! The SDKs provide a detailed manual and sample code so you can setup simple commands, and depending on the product, provides access to advanced features such as VANC access, frame buffer format conversions, internal keying, fill and key output, H.265 compressed capture and HDR. You can even use the same code base between models so you can quickly adopt the latest video connection standards with almost no extra coding work. Learn more about how to develop with Blackmagic Design products at the Blackmagic Developer Support booth located at Hall 7 at IBC 2018. Our engineers will be presenting briefings on a wide range of engineering and coding topics throughout the day, and will also be available to talk with you about your next exciting project. We can’t wait to help you with your projects! Daily Presentation Schedule Introduction to Video Capture and Playback Learn how to capture and playback audio and video streams with Thunderbolt and PCIe devices. Introduction to Camera Control using Bluetooth Learn how to control your URSA Mini Pro and URSA Broadcast using the open Bluetooth protocol. Introduction to the HyperDeck Control Protocol Learn the basic of the HyperDeck ethernet control protocol and how to get started with your own control app. Introduction to the ATEM Switcher SDK Learn how to remotely control your ATEM switcher using the SDK. Session includes C++ and C# sample code to get you started and basic bus control. Advanced Video Capture and Playback Learn how to capture and playback timecode and closed captions with Thunderbolt and PCIe devices. Live Video Processing with OpenCV Learn how to capture a live video stream and process it in OpenCV. Learn More! DeckLink Mini Monitor DeckLink Mini Recorder DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K Deck [Z[HXܙ\ X[[ X[]XY LH 8 LH 8 MH 8 MH 8 H 8 H Y\]X[]H L X]H[RHYH^XX\܈[ܛX]\ L  Y\]X[]H L X]H[RHYH\\H\܈[ܛX]\ L  ٚ[HYH^XX\X]\[ TH[RH H܈[ܛX]\ M [Y[B˘XXYX\YۋKۛ ][\Ԕ\^\]HوUٚ[HYH\\H\X]\[TH[RH H܈[ܛX]\ M [Y[BYH\\H[^XX\] [\[[[[™܈[\ L  ZY[[ۙY\XHYBY[\\H[^XX\ L  [