IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 14

14 STAYCONNECTED Prompter monitors go all-IP Autoscript By David Fox The Evo-IPS 19- and 15-inch IP-only prompter monitors The WinPlus-IPS software is claimed to be “a simple but powerful prompting application for smaller productions”, and links with the Evo-IPS monitors to off er the power of Intelligent Prompting in a package perfect for smaller IP-based studios as well as corporate, educational and government productions. WinPlus-IPS features include a modern, customisable user interface, smooth scroll preview and live script editing. Users can connect any number of Evo- IPS monitors and Xbox-IP scroll engines, while the Intelligent Prompting device manager enables users to monitor, control and update networked prompting devices remotely. I #IBC2018 Generic track system supports VR and live productions Egripment Support Systems By David Fox Autoscript has launched what it claims to be “the world’s fi rst all-IP prompting monitor” range with its new Evo-IPS 15- and 19-inch monitors. By ditching the built-in analogue and digital video inputs that were part of its Intelligent Prompting IP range introduced last year, it saves money, is simpler to install and easier to use. The Evo-IPS monitors connect directly to Autoscript’s upgraded WinPlus-IP or new WinPlus-IPS software over an IP network and display smooth scroll prompter video without the need for an additional scroll engine. Both models have a slim chassis and lightweight design, with a depth of only 42mm. The on-camera systems come with a carbon fi bre hood and are designed to remove the need for counterbalance and make the prompter signifi cantly lighter. show.ibc.org Egripment’s new intelligent 225 G-Track generic track system can be used for all sorts of live applications as well as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) studios. The base can be mounted on the fl oor or inverted from the ceiling, and used with a straight or curved track. A small G-Track dolly can be used with Egripment’s smooth track wheels on a narrow, high-speed steel track, with a maximum speed of 45kmph. “The entire 225 system is dynamic, allowing the base to be manually controlled for direct control by an operator, completely computer- controlled and fully automated for repetitive precision and accuracy,” said Egripment vice president and sales director, Richard Villhaber. The 225 G-Track also works with Egripment’s remote broadcast products, Encoded StarCam studio system and various remote heads, which can be installed with or without a riser or column. 12.A21 Going swimmingly: A 225 G-Track dolly with two remote heads 12.E65 Radio’s answer for Skype It takes TED to Tango Broadcast Bionics By Mark Hallinger Skype TX for Radio is a new product from Broadcast Bionics that allows a broadcaster to get high- quality audio from remote hosts, guests, reporters, listeners, or commentators using the ubiquitous voice and video calling application. Broadcast Bionics said that Skype TX for Radio makes it The PhoneBOX4 interface integrates Skype calls alongside traditional phone lines, SMS and social media, inside existing workfl ows. The Windows-based service can run on Skype TX for Radio supports multiple Skype existing machines or lines and devices from a single server be hosted as a virtual possible to deliver full multi- machine. It delivers up to 12 line talk shows and quiz-type lines of Skype connectivity from formats via Skype from a a single server. 8.D71 single PC. CaSu/Prosup On a roll: The new Tango Electronic Drive for Prosup’s Tango Roller By David Fox Prosup’s Tango Roller can now be equipped with the new Tango Electronic Drive (TED) using a gear rack as the motor rail. While other manufacturers work with belts or cables, Prosup has chosen the precision of a steel gear rack for its slider. The gear rack can cope with all Tango track segments and the transition of the gear rack is promised to be as smooth as the Tango track itself. Existing Tango Rollers can be modifi ed to accept the motor and drive unit. All this works off the 100mm bowl, which needs to be exchanged. 12.C79