IBC Daily IBC2018 - Day 1 - Friday 14 September - Page 106

106 STAYCONNECTED show.ibc.org I #IBC2018 New vision for the home Lishuai throws out a curve ball SoftAtHome Yuyao Lishuai Film & Television Equipment By Ian McMurray Having relocated this year from hall 5 to hall 1 – where the company is celebrating its tenth birthday – SoftAtHome’s focus at IBC is on voice everywhere, addressable TV, IoT, Android TV and next-generation WiFi. The company is launching a range of products which have in common the vision that the home is at the centre of people’s digital life. SoftAtHome claims connectivity at home should be “like the air we breathe” – available everywhere. The company’s vision is refl ected in how it has now segmented its product range. Watch’ON provides video and OTT, delivering end-to-end pay-TV software products and combining, says the company, the best of OTT, broadband and broadcast. Connect’ON is By David Fox Connectivity should be like the air we breathe, says SoftAtHome designed to transform home gateways into a service delivery platform, while Wi-Fi’ON is said to ensure that all devices at home always have the best wireless experience. Things’ON is an IoT solution, enabling connected things to seamlessly interact with ea ch other. Eyes’ON gathers data to better understand the customer environment and provide tools so that operator hotlines can act more rapidly and effi ciently. Secure’ON was developed to analyse network indicators in realtime using big data technology, monitoring all in-home devices, identifying and isolating those behaving suspiciously. SoftAtHome also says that it has now become operating system-agnostic between Linux and Android TV. 1.C29 A new range of curved, wide-angle LED lights has been launched by Lishuai Lighting. The convex design off ers up to 180º coverage. They range from the tiny W5 (5W) on-camera or pocket light to the 300W W90, with prices ranging from $95 to $1500. They all have a TLCI of 95+ (dependent on colour temperature – which ranges from 3200K to 5600K). The W5 has a built-in 1.5-hour battery (charged via USB) and has a beam angle of 120°-140° (all the larger lights are 180º), with fl icker free 100%-10% dimming, a detachable white diff user panel and a removable hot shoe adapter. All the larger lights are aluminium, have large rotary knobs for adjusting colour temperature/ brightness (viewable in an LCD), and a built-in diff user. They are the W10 (36W), W30 (100W), W60 (200W), and the W90 (300W). 12.A53 Bending light: Lishuai Lighting’s new curved, wide-angle LED panels