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10 STAYCONNECTED show.ibc.org I #IBC2018 Next-gen live production arrives Selenio Network Processor showcased Sony Imagine Communications By Steve Fairclough By Ian McMurray The on-demand, cloud-based Virtual Production service from Sony is now available in Europe for content creators who want to broadcast live as and when they need to. Sony Virtual Production is a production toolset for multi- platform content creation and delivery but, unlike previous live productions, it doesn’t require serious infrastructure, major upfront investment and an army of talented creatives and technicians. The Virtual Production service aims to provide a solution by creating a frictionless production workfl ow with access to a cloud-based professional vision mixer, and then delivering it quickly to social, websites, apps or CDN platforms. Users pay only for what Imagine Communications is demonstrating its Selenio Network Processor (SNP) and UHD-ready EPIC MV multiviewer working together to monitor the signals of multiple dedicated screens, with all inputs and monitor outputs over IP. To address what Imagine describes as the ‘enormous bandwidth challenge’ associated with monitoring uncompressed UHD signals, SNP makes a proxy signal from every UHD signal that it touches in both directions. EPIC MV uses these proxy signals — which are full-colour, full-frame rate and typically HD resolution — rather than the UHD original, which, A viewer watches a live event produced using Virtual Production they need, when they need it. Requiring only a camera acquisition kit, production teams can then log into a personalised Virtual Production portal, synchronise their cameras and stream content on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. Camera crews on location can use wireless transmitters to feed a virtual production switcher that’s hosted in the cloud via Amazon Web Services, while simultaneously a vision mixer, based anywhere in the world and using an ordinary web browser, logs into the Virtual Production service. Users can switch the camera feeds, add graphics, logos and captions, and stream the output to a range of platforms, including YouTube and Facebook Live, at rapid pace. None of this requires any running of or installation of software. 13.A10 according to the company, results in a signifi cant reduction in overall system cost. Also being showcased are Imagine’s Versio Platform, which the company says is the fi rst cloud-native, microservices-based playout ecosystem; Versio IOX, claimed to be the only high-availability, parity stack, multi-petabyte storage solution designed from the ground up for the reliability and performance demands of broadcast; and Nexio+ AMP, a high-density media server with hybrid SDI/ IP and H.265 capability. Additionally, Imagine is demonstrating various transition scenarios for migrating from traditional to next-generation playout operations at a pace that works for each individual customer. Amtrium 4.A01 Selenio works with Imagine’s EPIC MV multiviewer to monitor multiple screens