IBC Daily Day 5 - Tuesday 18 September

Evolve. Adapt. Shift. Experience the shift at IBC 2018. Hall 1.D61 theibcdaily show.ibc.org TUESDAY 18.09.18 Endemol Shine embraces the AI revolution Inside Conference By Alana Foster One of the world’s biggest media production groups, Endemol Shine, is increasingly using artifi cial intelligence (AI) techniques to improve its production workfl ows and boost creativity, the head of its Creative Networks has revealed. Speaking at IBC on Monday, Endemol Shine Creative Networks chief executive Lisa Perrin said her group is employing AI techniques to log scenes on one of its fl agship formats, Big Brother. This work was previously done by “banks of people typing in scene descriptions and time codes”, she said. Earlier this year, Endemol worked with Microsoft to Perrin: Endemol Shine has only just scratched the surface in terms of AI automate the production workfl ow on the Spanish edition of Big Brother. Endemol is now rolling out the new workfl ow to other versions of Big Brother around the world. Perrin said: “I know there is a lot of criticism of AI taking jobs away. But we are living in an industrial revolution – what it does is take away the most boring jobs in television.” IBC2018: More diversity and more engagement IBC has welcomed over 54,320 attendees as of Monday evening, while the show itself has grown in 2018, taking in 53,710sqm of the RAI – a 667sqm increase on 2017. “This show is about engagement, engagement, engagement. The stats are up in almost all areas and re-bookings are ahead of last year,” said IBC chief executive Michael Crimp. Commenting on the announcement, Crimp said it was important that the fi gures were placed within the context of all that IBC does. Continued on page 03 Perrin said that AI has allowed Endemol to free up people and resources to do better things, at a time when production budgets in TV are under pressure. “This technological revolution of AI is opening huge possibilities for places we couldn’t go to before and things we couldn’t see on budgets that are increasingly challenged.” However, Perrin said the use of AI will never supersede the creative vision of producers. She said: “AI gives creatives a really diff erent way of working – it enhances storytelling. Robotic cameras, automated sound, application programming interface (API) – for us that is extremely innovative.” Endemol is also employing the likes of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and machine learning (ML) technologies in production. She said: “We are living in a super exciting world. We will see more VR on our screens and AI will be informing more workfl ows.” She said that Endemol has only just scratched the surface in terms of AI, and would look to use it elsewhere in its production portfolio – including in drama.” Impossible seeks startups with ‘planet-centric’ ideas Conference By Ann-Marie Corvin From single-wire sunglasses that save on plastic waste to a news website that aims to combat fake news, Impossible duo Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira are looking to incubate business ventures that share their altruistic vision for the planet. Speaking at Monday morning’s Innovation keynote, the former supermodel and her partner Ferreira, Continued on page 03 IBC Daily Sponsored By hpe.com/solutions/oem-media Booth number 15.MS47 to 15.MS50 Building blocks Arqiva launches a blockchain trial as innovator Seth Shapiro advises starting slowly with the technology Page 04 Annual appraisal Peter White reveals key industry drivers at the IABM Business Breakfast Page 12 Cut the cord Linear TV networks should focus on streaming to pick up new audiences, so says EJ Klein from MoIQ Entertainment Page 16 Right time, right place Using data to provide the right content at the optimum time and on the best device is vital, says the EBU’s Sébastien Noir Page 18